Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Is Obama Too Good To Be True?

There's something not quite right about Obama. He's black but also white. A Christian but also Muslim. He's a friend of the poor and friends with the rich. He talks the talk but his words and slogans can mean anything to anybody. Are we being manipulated? Is Obama just too good to be true?

He's a PR composite. All things to all people. A figment of the ad man's imagination. The darling of the media elite.

We used to have one of those here. He was called Tony Blair.

So far this has been a Potemkin election. Generally the results have been a foregone conclusion with the Democrat activists and Party faithful in each State.

Now the gloves are off and the presidential election campaign can begin. The US is gearing up to elect the most powerful person on the planet. 

Over the coming months voters will find out if Obama is a con-artist, snake-oil salesman, genuine liberal saviour of the USA or master manipulator.

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