Monday, June 02, 2008

A Dream Ticket For A General Election?

Two MPs from different political parties have come together in a common cause. Vincent Cable and John McDonnell united by the Heathrow expansion protest and Boris Johnson there - by proxy. Not a New Labour MP in sight.

Apart from Heathrow, they are against New Labour's plans to set up another huge expensive, unaccountable and unelected quango, this one to nod through its big planning projects.

It was Brown who promised a "bonfire of the quangos" way back in the 90s. New Labour hit on a cunning quangoland plan. Simply changed the name so they don't appear on the statistics and hey presto - a bonfire!!

The political trio have different ideologies but something unites them. They are honest, not part of the ruling Political Class. People you can trust. And they speak with English accents.

Johnson has yet to prove himself as London mayor, but as the Yorkshire saying goes: "he's not as daft as he's pudding looking". Cable is a real economist and not one of the LibDem New Labour wannabes. McDonnell is a rare breed, a Labour MP who used to work for a living.

These three give to their respective Parties what has been sadly lacking in recent years. It's what all Parties need. Conservative - with a caring complexion, LibDem - with a dose of economic reality and Labour - freed from the sham and shackles of New Labour. A general election with Johnson, Cable and McDonnell - now that would be a good, clean, honest fight.

Meanwhile Steve Hilton leaves as Cameron's spin master. No surprise here. Hilton's job was to make Cameron's Conservatives 'electable', not to get them 'elected'. He's done his job, well. The Party certainly will use different people for different times.

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