Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh, You Nasty Man

It's decision day in Nasty Nick's dodgy world of deceit. Waiting for white smoke, the Orange Party will while away the hours with naughty but nice Alice Faye. Oh, You Nasty Man.

Scandals, they're everywhere. They're in the air and who put them there. You, you and you, you nasty man ...

Scandals, you hid them once, you had your fun with another one. Don't say it isn't fair, a gal like me ought to know ...

Oh, you nasty man, taking your love on the easy plan
Here and there and where you can, oh, you nasty man

You're not fooling me, I've got you figured from A to Z
But you're darned good company, oh, you big bad man

You're sweet and nasty, I know what's on your mind
You'll pull a fasty, make me fizzle and then you chisel

Oh, you nasty man, I never met anyone who can
Be as bad or better than - you, you nasty
Who taught you that
Oh, you nasty, don't ever do that
Oh, you nasty man

Video: 'Oh, You Nasty Man'. Alice Faye's movie break in George White's Scandals. A very risque performance from 1934 - before US censors pulled the plug.

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