Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brown Down And Out

New Labour is dead. Brown's brutal regime is over. The nations rejoice. The squatter is set to quit No 10, handing Dave the keys. VICTORI SPOLIA

"Gordon Brown is set to resign tonight and allow David Cameron to be Britain's new Prime Minister," splashes the London Evening Standard.

The Orange Party has waited a long time for this and will relish every minute.

Three long years of disastrous Brown's deceitful premiership are finally coming to an end, leaving behind the festering remains of the failed New Labour project.

The nations can breath a sigh of relief as the new boys in town plough through the wreckage and start to sort out the chaos.

The Orange Party doesn't believe for one minute two-timing Clegg switched sides again out of a sense of moral or noble purpose.

In the end the decent folk in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) pulled the plug, preferring to regroup and reinvigorate in opposition rather than be part of the devious Mandy New Labour plan for an illegitimate regime.

The tipping point came as the PLP was forced to sit on the sidelines while unelected Mandy, Campbell and Adonis called the shots. The sickening spectacle was too much to stomach.

Liberal grandees too could see the dangers. Windbag Clegg's earlier bleatings about unelected politicians, mandates to govern and promises of a 'new politics' from the "tired old twosome" had a hollow ring. The party was facing the wrath and ridicule of the electorate.

Left in the dark during all the wheelings and dealings, the electorate has yet to be given a glimse of the hammered out Con-Lib deal. But a full-blown coalition with LibDem cabinet seats is on the cards in a binding agreement.

What is certain is that after the ritual 'kissing of hands' at the palace, Dave gets the keys to number 10. A period of 'liberal conservatism' begins.

Cameron then becomes the incumbent prime minister with all the trapping of power, patronage, constitutional baggage.

The cunning Campbell plan for Brown to leave with some dignity is ending with the most undignified of exits. A decent Labour Party could now rise from the ashes.

Borrowing Brown's cooked books will be opened up and the new team can make a start on getting the country out of the mess.

It's been a long uphill struggle and at times looked as if the public was going to be shafted by the spin. In the end it's the people wot won it - with more than a little help from the PLP.


Unknown said...

I think generally speaking that the Labour party members are a fairly moral bunch of people, and having to watch the deceiptful, dishonest core group of NuLabour must have made them feel quite sick. I think it was too much for the ordinary decent Labour MP to stomach, after all they have a conscience.

It was patently obvious to the masses and no doubt to much of the Labour membership that Messers Brown and Mandelson were in this for their own gain, so obsessed with staying in power.

As I said in an earlier posting, I felt Mandelson had got the strategy wrong and that by trying to rule without a mandate, and with yet another unelected Prime Minister would do them more harm than good.

It looks as if the senior Labour members saw sense and brought this sham to an end.

Unknown said...

Oh, one more thing.


I've waited years for this day.