Monday, May 10, 2010

Mandy's Stranglehold On Power

Desperate New Labour cheerleaders have thrown a despicable last roll of the dice with Beaten Brown promising to quit as party leader, paving the way for the party of failure to try to seal a deal with loser Clegg and cheat the electorate with an illegitimate regime.

Cunning Brown in cahoots with his dutiful cabinet secretary and Mandy spinners have played a blinder. Cameron is sidelined in a last ditch bid by the old tuckers to try to keep the New Labour bandwagon rolling. Now two-timing Clegg's credibility and integrity is on the line in a squalid stitch-up.

The Orange Party feared Mandy's endgame to steal the election from under the nose of the electorate was coming to a head. A dream ticket of Clegg propping up an everlasting New Labour project.

Now a coalition of losers could be on the cards if Calamity Clegg shows his true yellow streak and sells himself at auction to the highest bidder. Quite mad mutually assured destruction for both parties.

Arrogant Brown had the audacity to stand outside No 10 to read from the Mandy/Campbell script to try to scupper Tory-Lib Dem talks to form a strong and stable government.

The bribe is a 'coalition' of New Labour lackeys dressed up as a 'progressive', fairytale rainbow alliance of all and sundry. Unstable and short-lived. The price, as it was always going to be, is eventually the Supreme Leader's head.

Elections? Who needs 'em. Unelected Dark Lord Mandy and unelected old tucker Campbell have been spinning away until the bitter end with unelected Adonis getting in on the act to make sure Brown quits with head held high.

Squatter Brown would cling on as unelected prime minister and party leader until a new party leader was elected in a couple of months time and another unelected prime minister takes his place. What a farce.

For days there has been a daily diet of bullshit over Brown's 'constitutional duty' to hang on to the keys of No 10. A smokescreen of New Labour lies. A shameful sham to cheat the electorate with an illegitimate regime clinging on to power.

Pretending to paint Beaten Brown as a PM just doing his 'constitutional duty' for Queen and country is a disgrace. Brown knew his days were numbered as he counted up the numbers.

His "constitutional duty" was to see Her Maj and quit, telling her it was time to send for the leader of the largest party to ask if Dave could command a majority or run with a minority government.

But the Mandy/Campbell double act had been hard at work trying to break up the fragile Tory-LibDems love-in so their beloved New Labour can keep its iron grip on power. Blackmailer Clegg has been exposed as a two-faced cheat, drunk on power, sneaking off for secret talks behind the Tories back.

Voters had sent a clear signal to Westminster. They want Brown and New Labour out. And Clegg's Little Party came last.

Brown and his squalid band of squatters are bent on forming a self-preservation society to cling on to power. Self-interest, not the national interest. Naked political ambition is the name of the game as Clegg could be on the brink of joining that shameful gang.

The ball is now in two-faced Clegg's court. Does he seal the deal with Dave or get into bed with his master Mandy?

A disgraceful day for the parliamentary process and democracy. A shameful day for Brown and his fag-end government. A day of deceit from Clegg. A distressing day for the electorate. A wonderful day for the Dark Lord.


Unknown said...

The only good thing that will come from a Lib\Lab pact is that both those parties will surely be decimated in the next election in just a few months time. I for one can hardly wait!

Unknown said...

There is no way the electorate will tolerate yet another unelected prime minister and definitely not from the party which lost the election, Labour.

I predict protests in London if this happens.

The rightful heirs to government are unquestionably the Conservatives.

The existing political system allows for a government to be formed from the losers, but that doesn't make it right, fair, or just.

Unknown said...

I think the best outcome now is:

LibDems join a coalition with Labour, they install a new unelected prime minister.

Perhaps in 4-6 months time the government can't function, a vote of no confidence is called, and a new general election is called.

The electorate will then punish both Labour and LibDems for their deceit and contempt for the electorate and we'll end up with a majority Tory government.

It's quite clear that Labour are acting only in their selfish interests and the floating voter will surely punish them for that.

And in the mean time, turmoil will result on the financial markets, with a devaluation in our currency, increase in interest rates for the masses.

Now the public sees how ineffective a coalition is, those that said they wanted a coalition will probably have changed their minds.

Strategic voting will result. People will realise they can't vote LibDem: as the vote is wasted and lead to yet another hung parliament.

Unknown said...

What's happening is NuLabour are so determined to cling on to power, despite the fact they lost the election, they've made it quite clear they want to keep the Conservatives out of government, they're prepared to form a coalition with LibDem.

Neither won the election.
And the coalition will have to involve other parties if they wish to create a majority government.

This won't be stable, it's not in the interests of the government and it's morally wrong and will be seen as nothing other than a sheer act of contempt by Labour of the principles of democracy.

You can't have a government running the country of the two losers, even more so when the Labour received such a battering from the electorate: this is their worst defeat for decades, losing 91 seats! It's a huge loss for
The result will be in due course, a vote of no confidence and a general election.

Labour and LibDem don't have the financial resources to fight another election, Tories do.

The electorate will slam Labour for treating democracy, for treating the public with such contempt. The result will be, I predict an overwhelming defeat of Labour in the second general election and the Tories will take office in a majority government.

It would be better for Labour to save face now, and just give up.
I believe this will be the better outcome for them.

It is a game of strategy, of planning, but I'm sorry to say, I think Mandelson has got the strategy wrong this time.

Their focussing way too much on keeping themselves in power *now* and not thinking about the bigger longer term picture.c

Unknown said...

It's clear to me, that the parties aren't interested in fairness, of what's right or wrong, they're not interested in democracy and the principle of democracy.

What they're interested in is keeping themselves in office at any cost.

And we all thought we elected them to serve *us*.

No wonder MPs are hated so much.