Monday, May 10, 2010

Cheating Brown Tries To Steal Election

Election weary voters are being force-fed a daily diet of bullshit over Beaten Brown's 'constitutional duty' to hang on to the keys of No 10. Spinners are flogging the dead horse, with a smokescreen of New Labour lies in a shameful sham to cheat the electorate with an illegitimate regime clinging on to power.

Old New Labour habits die hard. The charade to paint Beaten Brown as a PM just doing his 'constitutional duty' for Queen and country is a disgrace. Stealing the election from under the nose of the electorate is the name of the endgame.

A compliant Robinson over at the BBC has spilled the beans, "revealing" LibDems met with New Labour over the weekend to keep the ball rolling and strengthen LibDems hands in talks with Tories.

Whipping up red herrings with an obsession over electoral reform and a doomed 'rainbow alliance' of New Labour lackeys is part of the spin to try to keep the sinking New Labour ship afloat. Now fuelled by talk of a 'coalition' with yet another unelected prime minister as part of the illegitimate regime.

Voters were left dazed with the shambles of a hung election outcome pointing to a Tory mandate to govern. Deal or no deal, Dave was all set to make a measured not mad dash for No 10. The writing was on the wall way back at 10pm on Thursday as the remarkably accurate exit poll sealed the fate of the party of failure.

Brown knew his days were numbered as he counted up the numbers in the wee small hours of Friday. The minute Clegg conceded around 10am that Cameron should have first stab at government should have signalled the end.

Anyone with a shred of decency would accept the "constitutional duty" was to see Her Maj on Friday afternoon and quit, telling her it was time to send for the leader of the largest party to ask if Dave could command a majority or run with a minority government.

LibDem deals or no deals should happen with Cameron at No 10. Instead New Labour spinners, aided and abetted by Brown and a dutiful cabinet secretary, have played a blinder with both Cameron and Clegg sidelined as the old tuckers try to keep the New Labour bandwagon rolling.

Tory-LibDem talks centre on a lasting deal to bring some order to the current chaos and get through a Queen's speech and emergency budget. But the Mandy/Campbell double act is hard at work trying to scupper the fragile Tory-LibDems love-in so New Labour can keep its iron grip on power.

Three long years of disastrous Brown's deceitful premiership look set to come to an end, leaving behind the festering remains of the failed New Labour project. But the new boys in town cannot plough through the wreckage and start to sort out the chaos.

Real people just want to struggle on with their lives with a strong and stable government. A legitimate government free of corruption nonetheless. One in which the people have given the political elite a mandate to govern.

But true to form, with a country in limbo land facing economic chaos, Brown and his squatters are bent on forming a self-preservation society to cling on to power. Self-interest, not what is in the national interest.

The election belongs to the people. But the pedlars of deceit with a New Labour charade are trying to rain on Dave's parade.

Without a shred of decency, the struggling Supreme Leader is clinging on by his hard-bitten fingernails. Set to be prised out of office only for another unelected prime minister to take his place, with the Dark Lord Mandy and old tucker Campbell spinning away until the bitter end.

The public was already thoroughly disillusioned with politics after the expenses scandal. TV debates sparked a new found interest. But the rot has set in again.

Voters have been forced to sit through the sham of the well spun smokescreen of a 'constitutional arrangement' to keep an unelected prime minister in power, with puffed up Little Nick's credibility on the line, trying to call the shots.

Nailing colours to the mast and banging the drum for a particular party is part and parcel of the election but it's the people wot won it. Cut through the hung parliament hype and voters had sent a clear signal to Westminster - Brown and New Labour out.

It's the economy stupid. On that crucial issue alone the sooner the country and the money markets can be given a chance to get behind the new Tory-led government of liberal conservatism, the sooner everyone can breath a collective sign of relief.

UPDATE 3pm: Sky News is reporting Tories and LibDems have agreed the “outline” of a deal to form a new government. No white smoke or white flag but another nail in the coffin of Squatter Brown’s illegitimate claim to be a prime minister and cheating New Labour's illegitimate claim to government.

UPDATE 5pm: Brown is to quit as party leader, paving the way for New Labour to try to seal a deal with LibDems.

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Unknown said...

I'm amazed that Brown has decided to quit! I really didn't think he would go voluntarily.

Perhaps the meeting with the Dark Lord earlier today help persuade Brown to go in the interests of the party.

Perhaps Cleg informing Brown that there could be no coalition with Labour whilst Brown was the leader helped.

I wonder how many mobile phones Brown has thrown across the room the last 3 days.

I'm surprised he hasn't quite literally burst a blood vessel with anger.