Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nasty Brown's "Bigoted Woman" Jibe

'Meet the People' Brown has been caught out calling a pensioner a "bigoted woman", forgeting his mic was still live as he got into his car after meeting a real voter with real concerns.

A cunning plan for Bunkered Brown to put himself round a bit more, meeting ordinary folk called 'voters', has backfired, after coming unstuck insulting Rochdale voter, Gillian Duffy.

The Peoples' PM was confronted by 66-year-old Mrs Duffy while visiting Rochdale, spending nearly five minutes answering questions on immigration, crime and the economy.

Just the sort of 'policy' questions foremost on the minds of voters Brown is said to be so keen on, as long as it's not immigration.

But the still-attached Sky News radio mic picked up his words to an aide as they sped away in the Supreme Leader's limo.

"That was a disaster ...You should never have put me with that woman ... Whose idea was that?" growled Brown.

After being forced to get down and dirty on the dance floor with an Elvis impersonator, whose bright idea was it for Born-again Brown to get out and meet real people?

A disgruntled Brown went on: "It's just ridiculous." His aide then asked: "What did she say?"

Fed-up Brown replied with the jibe: "Oh, everything, she's just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to vote Labour."

The Orange Party can't help but feel sorry for the poor aide stuck in the car with Bully-boy Brown.

But it is with Mrs Duffy, understandably very upset and very annoyed where the sympathy should lie. The Rochdale Lass used to vote Labour? Not any more.

No doubt Brown spinners will do their damnedest at damage limitation. But however much they try to wriggle this was an unmitigated disaster. Trust, honesty, respect has been blown out of the window with one unguarded insulting remark.

Whatever happens between now and polling day, Brown is a broken man. Broken by the very voter he holds in so much contempt. And it took a pensioner from Rochdale to show up the sham of a two-faced hypocrite.

UPDATE 1.54pm Brown has apologised to Mrs Duffy changing his tune saying he now doesn't think she's 'bigoted'. "He was letting off steam in the car after a difficult conversation," said the spinner. Quelle surprise.

Top screengrab: Sky News. YouTube Uploading: Liarpoliticians

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John said...

Any normal human being will feel a bit of sympathy for Brown. It's the kind of thing normal human beings do and lucky for us we don't have microphones attached to us. Where Brown did make a mistake was in grovelling. Better to have made a brief apology along the lines of: "I do think this person was bigoted but I should not have said so and I am sorry for any offence caused. The matter is over." The reason people of many political colours rather liked Mrs Thatcher was that she was definitely not a groveller.