Monday, July 07, 2008

Brown's Hypocrisy Over Wasted Food

Brown's plea to the public to stop wasting food in a bid to end rising food costs, has a shallow and arrogant ring to it, as he jets off for a luxury G8 summit in Japan, where world leaders are meeting to discuss amongst other thing - world poverty. 

The same world leaders will have wasted millions of pounds getting there, millions of pounds on luxury accommodation and millions of pound achieving absolutely nothing after the couple of days junket. 

And that's from the same government that's wasted billions of pounds of our cash on huge bureaucratic quangos, wasted billions of pounds on failed IT systems that just end up as 'gold plated cock-ups' and wasted billions of pounds on useless projects in education, health and crime just to try to prop up failed policies. 

And the same government that's just voted to allow its own MPs to waste millions of pounds of our cash on expenses, to live in the lap of luxury.

Brown should get his own house in order first, before lecturing other people on waste.

Picture: Channel 4/Beau Bo D'Or

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jim said...

hope someone examines the swill bins in Japan!!!!