Sunday, July 06, 2008

Has Blair Joined Simpson's Stonecutters?

Another Sunday, another free puff for Blair in Murdoch's Sunday Times. This couple are taking over the world. It's a Stonecutter's Club conspiracy.

Last Sunday, Blair popped up in the news section doing an 'Al Gore' on global warming. 

Today's he's all smiles on the front page of the Sunday Times Magazine. Inside he's talking about his Middle East Peace Misson, along with lots more pictures of a smiling Tony doing everything except kissing babies. 

Next week? Well, there's always the Style magazine.

The comeback kid has been busy spreading himself around recently, making, well, a come-back, thanks to his old pal Rupert Murdoch. All part of Blair's bid for the new EU Presidency.

Blair was spotted only the other week, sucking up to Murdoch and Bush for their breakfast meeting in London. 

Are they plotting to take over the world?

Maybe, they are all part of the Simpson's Stonecutters Club conspiracy.

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