Tuesday, July 08, 2008

G8 Waste Food Mountain Picture Shock!

Brown's hypocritical food waste lecture during the G8 junket was a gift for newspapers and TV. But a photographer should have been round the back of the kitchens like a shot.

Taking pictures of swill bins and food waste is a gift. Pictures sell papers. If you can't get round the back, no worries, here's one prepared earlier.

Security's no problem. If you can sneak a reporter into Buckingham Palace then the summit should have been a doddle. 

TV and newspapers tried, with pictures of G8 leaders sitting down to their multi-course banquet.

The Guardian splashed with a cute picture of a lamb, a scary picture of an eel and a report of the "eight-course, 19-dish dinner prepared by 25 chefs".

So what did happen to all the left-overs? 

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