Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tories Whelan Out Forces of Hell

Tories are taking a leaf out of the Tucker book of political electioneering with a touch of raw campaigning to hit a raw nerve. Unfair? Down and dirty politics? New Labour can't have it both ways.

Wasn't it Campbell and Prezza who've been urging the fag-end old faithful to hit the opposition hard? At last the Tories are showing some fire in their belly, unleashing their own forces of hell and hitting New Labour where it hurts - in the pocket and on the streets.

Union Unite's political director and Brown attack dog, Whelan, have been put squarely in the frame as Tories round on Wheelan and the Party's union paymasters with the latest election stunt (top picture) to settle a few old scores.

And New Labour has only itself to blame. They should have seen it coming. Where was Campbell when they needed him? The Orange Party noted only last week that the Tories have been playing the long game. As election day approaches, it's time to do a Tucker and come out fighting with the attack line of a government in hock to unions.

Cries of 'Ashcroft, Ashcroft, Ashcroft' shouted from the rooftops and Brown's BBC became so over the top they became laughable. Reaching a peak when Blustering Brown fell back on the same old line time and time again at last week's commons question time.

Still smarting from Ashcorft jibes and going for New Labour's Achilles heel of a Party in hock to powerful unions, it's now open season on Brown bruiser, Whelan, dishing out the dirt with his feet well under the Broon election campaign table.

Cash-strapped New Labour needs Unite which has bankrolled the Party to the tune of £11 million over the last three years. Now Unite and it's Broon buddy Whelan have become the story. Tucker would not be a happy bunny.

New Labour has fallen for the attack line, hook, line and stinker. And what prompted the attack? A BA 'strike' whipped up for political gain.

Always the sceptical cynic, the Orange Party surmised yesterday it would not be at all surprised if the struggling Supreme Leader took time out from saving the world to come over all statesman-like and save the world's (once) favourite airline and show a touch of a tough side with unions paymasters.

New Labour's well-oiled and war-hardened spin machine had it far too easy of late. Tories were frustrated. Why was their floppy machine floundering around instead of fighting back?

All a question of timing, old chap. Let New Labour peak early, throw all its dirty tricks into one last rotten basket and run out of steam.

The election has suddenly become much more fun. But where's the poster, boys, to drive home the attack?

UPDATE 2.30pm: The boys in Blue unveiled the poster this afternoon. 'Cash-Gordon'. Even Tucker would have to admit - nice one.

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