Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dave And Trev Show

The Tories latest party political broadcast on behalf of the Dave Party even roped in Sir Trev to shine a soft light on the up and coming new leader of the country, with a bit of Sam on the side. Dave licked the floor with Trev. Trev licked Dave's derrier.

Sincere, down to earth, trustworthy with not an airbrush in sight? It was down to Sir Trev to give Dave a good grilling. Paxo and Humph were clearly not up to the job.

And what a grilling it was. Voters learnt not once but thrice that Dave's secret weapon, SamCam, calls him Dave, with no trace of a cut-glass accent. But mum calls him David - as all mums would do.

Student Dave went to the pub, played pool and gained a first in PPE at Oxford. As you do. And baby-faced Dave wasn't airbrushed - that's just the way he looks.

Under intense pressure from Trev, shockingly Dave admitted again he's a salesman - but not in a slick, deceitful, shallow Blair sort of way. No way. After all, he's selling the New Tory brand, not New Labour.

But Cameron the conviction politician convincingly did come across as honest. Now all he's got to do is be a bit more convincing on policy.

The only tough question came not from Trev but from a couple of punters at the railway station while Dave was trying to get a snack from a vending machine. "Did you get a receipt for that?" they shouted. How Dave laughed.

The Dave and Trev show with a bit of Sam on the side. SamCam’s much trailed appearance turned out to be quite refreshing. No steely Sarah for Dave. A nice girl who's kind of sweet, in a mumsy Boden sort of way.

How New Labour must hate it. Bully-Boy Brown's Moron weepy was so last month, peaking far too early to now make a jot of difference.

Clever Cameron got in quick just before broadcast rules over balance kick in. The contrast between Cameron and Brown’s interview was embarrassingly plain to see.

And when all the fuss has died down - and the spinners have had their fun - Dave and Sam came across as Mr and Mrs Nice. Dave as witty and human. And that makes him electable.

A human being for a prime minister. Now that will make a refreshing change.

Top picture: Private Eye cover

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Maturecheese said...

Give me strength! Can you not see the Tony Blair in him? I'm sorry, but Labour or Tory is no choice at all.