Monday, March 15, 2010

Is BA 'Strike' An Election Bluff?

BA Brown has been forced out of hiding as a 'strike' threatens to wreck his cosy crony funding world and hand Tories a gift, so the story goes. But something doesn't stack up on the tarmac.

Why all the fuss about an industrial dispute? BA will do its damnest to keep flights out of City airport and long haul flights from Gatwick going, to do the big business and keep the rich kids sweet.

Buried deep is a long running industrial dispute struggling to get out but the Orange Party can't see it. On the surface is a simmering row and an election to fight and spin.

Threatened BA strikes come up with monotonous regularity. Fat cat airline bosses squaring up to fat cat union bosses. Fears of a cunning plan to hive off the lucrative business class best bits and turn the rest into Easyjet with the Union Flag on the tail-fin.

But put the union Unite and political director Brown spinner, Whelan, into the melting pot and some in the New Labour ranks can settle a few old scores while Tories can have a field day, leaving Brown and Mandy to clean up as winners.

Still smarting from Ashcorft jibes and going for New Labour's achillies heel of a Party in hock to powerful unions, it's now open season on Brown bruiser and attack dog, Whelan, dishing out the dirt with his feet well under the Broon election campaign table.

Some in the New Labour ranks are not happy bunnies over the return of Whelan who stepped down as a chancellor Brown's spad amid claims he played dirty tricks on Mandy, leading to one of his downfalls.

Former Labour Party chief press officer, Byrne, with strong links to Mandy, today lashed out with a lovely line: "What the hell is a strike mongering politically discredited nutter like Charlie Whelan doing at the heart of Labour's election campaign?"

With nothing to lose, Brown's unelected transport secretary, Adonis, stuck the knife in over the weekend. Out of a job after the election and already singing the 'blues', condemning the planned strike which he "absolutely deplored" as "totally unjustified".

Now Brown is being spun as being forced out of his comfort zone with his attack dog at the centre of the storm, forced to take on a union that bankrolls New Labour saying the strike is "unjustified and deplorable", but notably not the strikers.

Tories have called on "Two-faced" Brown to stop taking Unite cash until the BA dispute was over, accepting Unite cash with one hand whilst condemning the strike with the other.

But cash-strapped New Labour needs Unite which has bankrolled the Party to the tune of £11 million over the last three years with joint general secretaries crony Simpson and leftie Woodley at the helm and at loggerheads with each other. Brown has already sneakily put in a leaked call to Woodley, to show he's on top of it all.

The Orange Party would not be at all surprised if the struggling Supreme Leader took time out from saving the world to come over all statesman-like and save the world's (once) favourite airline and show a touch of a tough side with unions paymasters. Elections eh, Dontcha just love 'em.


Anonymous said...

These are my thoughts, posted on Coffee House earlier ...
Oh come on ... this is a stitch up.

Unite are Labour's No. 1 paymasters; they OWN Labour. Whelan is Gordon's bully boy and head honcho at Unite. Whelan calls a strike at Easter, shortly before a Gen Election.

After a few desperate days, where talks between management and union breakdown, Gordon Brown intervenes to 'deplore' the strike. Unite is persuaded by the PM's intervention and returns to the negotiating table, backs down and 1000s of holidays are saved. A grateful travelling public (publicised endlessly by the BBC) shower praise on our PM.

Gordon gets the credit for (a) showing he cannot be bought by Unite's massive donations (b) Gordon puts the needs of the electorate over the historic links between Labour and the Unions (c) We need Gordon to prevent the Unions from striking when the cuts come.

Do they REALLY think we are that stupid?

the orange party said...

Anonymous - thanks for that. I was beginning to think it was just cynical old me.