Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Watch Out, Green Police About

A Super Bowl ad is causing quite a sir in the US, hitting a raw nerve with both greenwash fanatics and folk fearing a Big Brother green police crackdown.

The Audi Super Bowl ad 'Green Police', provided a perfect backdrop for the green brigade, the Audi A3 TDI and legendary rock band 'Cheap Trick' - which kinda says it all.

Man Ad-Men would sell their grandmothers for a piece of the 30 second action at around $3m a pop.

But the National Football League championship is watched by over 100 million viewers. And that makes it a marvel for marketing men plugging new products, including up and coming US presidential hopefuls.

Sunday's Super Bowl 44 didn't disappoint. The most-watched TV program in US history, setting a new all-time ratings high, drawing a TV crowd of 106.5 million.

US admen go to great lengths to create memorable TV Superbowl moments, kicked off by Ridley Scott's ground-breaking 1984 Superbowl ad for a computer named after an apple.

Was the 2010 offering a delicious piece of post-Obama irony or a cynical attempt to jump on the green bandwagon and flog a new car? Probably a mixture of both.

The Orange Party's favourite is smug Audi guy waved through the anteater sniffing eco-check point into the new green promised land of ObamaLand - just as the president's personal ratings plummet.

It can never happen over here, can it?

Green police bossing people around, ticketing and ticking people off if they don't sort out their rubbish for recycling. Green police spying on hapless suspects to check they are following a green cross code. Where the UK leads the US follows - and it used to be the other way around.

Football footnote: The Orange Party's New Orleans pals sure know how to party. They're still at it after the Saints beat Indianapolis Colts by a whopping 31-17.

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