Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Brown's 'Deathbed Conversion' A V. Sick Joke

Precious parliamentary time and taxpayers' cash is being wasted on petty party politicking over a voting reform gimmick which won't see the light of day this side of the election. Crafty Brown's 'deathbed conversion' to AV is set to become a sick joke.

Cash-strapped New Labour is welcome to use its dwindling pot for party political broadcasts but politicking at the taxpayers' expense with an election gimmick is an expensive waste of time.

The Orange Party is with Dave on this one, accusing Beleaguered Brown of "fiddling" the electoral system "in a cynical attempt to save his own skin", with a big dollop of Brown sauce.

“After thirteen years in power and 90 days from a general election, what first attracted the Prime Minister to changing the voting system?”

How many full parliamentary days left as election weary voters wait for the amber light to turn green? 20 tops? Laws take around 200 days from start to finish. A pointless waste of time - unless you're Crafty Brown and fancy a post election LibDem love-in.

Today's commons vote on the struggling Supreme Leader's deathbed conversion to an £80 million alternative vote (AV) referendum is dead in the water before it draws breath.

Brown's reforming zeal and sudden 'conversion' to a 1997 election pledge has been exposed as a sham. Even a Bouncy Blair had to ditch the idea because he "couldn't get it past Gordon".

No wonder Cameron's cross. The boys in blue are set to storm into No 10 after a marginal victory with lousy legislation waiting on the books. Scrap it and fall foul of ya boo sucks New Labour or keep it going and watch Tories explode. Dave is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

LibDems too are not happy bunnies, left with their precious PR going down the pan. Labour has got it wrong, says wannabe leader Huhne. "Only STV will remedy the unfairness of the present system." Do wake up at the back.

Revolting Labour backbenchers with their own alternative vote (AV)? LibDems sticking the sandal in, demanding the single transferable vote (STV)? Tories desperate to be first past the post (FPTP) with faux outrage? Team Brown hailing a massive vote of confidence in their man (OTT)?

The public has either seen through the Brown sauce sham or doesn't give a monkeys. There's enough to be going on with, not least cleaning up parliament with pressing commons reforms.

MPs could make a start fixing broken Britain - coming out tops in a Populus poll for The Times, along with the economy, stupid. But MPs have much more on their minds with a general election to fight or long holiday to plan with golden goodbyes.

No doubt lawmakers (sic) will be herded in to go through the motions for their particular party, except perhaps for three likely suspects who don't have that privilege.

The only winners will be the spinners totting up the political point scoring. Whatever.

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