Sunday, February 07, 2010

Brown And Campbell's Crying Game Shame

New Labour is hoping its new TV show The Crying Game is a sure fire ratings winner in the battle for election weary voters. The Party is useless at running the country but boy do they know how to run a dodgy general election campaign with a couple of shameless PR stunts.

Blair boy Marr was a push over for Crafty Campbell as he popped in for a cosy Sunday BBC TV chat. But was this a political interview or a shameless plug for Campbell's new book?

The spinner and sinner-in-chief had to "hold back the tears", reports the Beeb, as he backed up pal Blair's lies and deceit over the Iraq war. An "emotional Campbell" insisted warmongering Blair did not mislead parliament or the people. Tell that to bitter blabbermouth Short.

The Orange Party is convinced Iannucci's The Thick Of It was a fly on the wall documentary, In The Loop deserves an Oscar for best factual film and Campbell should get a gong for best actor.

All a far cry from Campbell’s C4 News shame, barging into the studio to bully ice-cool Snow and berate the BBC for having the cheek to expose his sexed-up dodgy dossiers.

Campbell’s got a book to sell. That means getting up to speed with the winning formula of promoting yourself as a larger than life celebrity still in touch with his inner emotional side.

Wiping away the odd crocodile tear, the old spinner was not averse to throwing in the odd joke, telling Matey Marr he did not think the struggling Supreme Leader had intended to cry during an interview with celebrity puffer Piers Morgan. How we laughed.

The cunning plan to keep Liability Brown in the bunker only to be let out of the box to come over all statesman-like and human is going over the top with a new TV low.

Blubbering Brown "shed tears" as he talked of the death of his daughter, during a carefully planned PR stunt, pump-primed by Campbell, for Puffing Piers' Life Stories. The "moving interview" even had the studio audience "on the verge of tears", according to the Mail on Sunday.

But Beaming Brown managed to wipe away the tears for Piers with his trademark warm grin for the follow up photo-op. Using a 'celebrity' interview to make him appear human would make Max proud.

Shedding a tear over tragedy is the kind of tear-jerking tosh usually reserved for two-bit celebrities trying to resurrect a flagging career.

Beleaguered Brown is a canny politician on his last legs fighting a general election. A 'celebrity' interview is the desperate act of a desperate politician.

Tweeting Sarah was also roped in to relive painful memories, sobbing for the cameras and live audience, according to the Mail, all duly recorded as a disgraceful ratings flop for ITV next Sunday.

Yet more of New Labour's cynical attempts to manipulate public opinion.

New Labour's blogging and tweeting brigade have exploded onto the scene with an onslaught of desperate and carefully planned bids to capture the media narrative.

And capture the narrative they are, seizing on push polls to scare the pants off voters, fuelling fears of a hung parliament and claiming the world and his dog are turning against Dave.

Tories and LibDems (bless) are fighting back. But none can match the sinister spin of Campbell, skilful skulduggery of Mandy and superb showmanship of Blair. The battle-hardened trio are at the heart of the media campaign as the election race enters the final 90 day furlong.

The Orange Party has said before, Cameron has to stand firm on the straight strait and narrow. Stop selling pups, wobbling around like a demented jellyfish. Tories are winning the key battle of the marginals. But generally voters have yet to be convinced Cam is the man.

The Orange Party will not shed a tear for a discredited Brown or spin doctor trying to wriggle out of eye-watering mess of their own making.

These are tears of a couple of clowns who've duped the country into a decade of disaster and failure.

And playing to the crowds for the sympathy vote with shameless PR stunts is enough to bring tears to your eye.

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