Monday, January 11, 2010

Fearless Field Fields Frank Flanker

Unofficial minister for the poor and pain in Brown's backside, Fearless Field, has ruffled a few feathers appearing alongside Dave at a Tory election event.

New Labour cronies will come to regret the day they cast off Field like an old boot.

Field is one of the few Labour politicians, the Orange Party has time for and not just because he's been a thorn in Blair and now Brown's side ever since the Party was hijacked by the New Labour elite.

The former welfare minister and one of the government's most vocal critics is famous for being well, frank. But then Field has never been one to go with the New Labour flow. One of the few politicians at Westminster willing to stick his neck out and speak the unspeakable.

Now Field has done the unmentionable by appearing alongside Cameron at an election event.

Making a guest appearance with Tories is not the way to win friends and influence people as ructions continue over the struggling Supreme Leader's lamentable leadership.

Cameron heaped praise on Field according to The Times, and told the audience that Tory ideas, including those of Iain Duncan Smith, were built on foundations laid down by Field.

Field has long argued the welfare state should be more than a money-redistribution system, drawing the link between family breakdown and 'more instability, more crime, greater pressure on housing and social benefits'.

Sadly you can count the number of politicians like Field on one finger. If only there were more people like him in Parliament.

Field's work in the area of welfare and poverty elimination are well known and well respected but always at odds with New Labour.

Fearless Frank was famously asked to "think the unthinkable" by Blair. When he did and put forward a raft of sensible welfare reforms, Field was shot down in flames because they were just not vote-winners.

How New Labour must regret that they didn't take up his ideas when they had the chance.

Field is a rare breed of politician putting his principles before party dogma and the party whip. So unlike the self serving arrogance of the new breed of politician which infects Westminster.

Last June, Field blogged that he believed the Party would not win the election with Brown as leader, floored Brown in the 10p tax revolt and was one of the few Labour MPs to publicly back Hoon and Hewitt's calls for a secret leadership ballot of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Lately he popped up as part of a cross-party group of around 20 MPs and peers backing a campaign calling for curbs on immigration. At the heart is Field's long held view that unless restricted, current immigration rates will impact on public services and quality of life.

Field's crime and what makes him unpopular with some New Labour MPs is that he dares to criticise the government. Good on him.

A grammar school boy and graduate of a top red-brick university rather than one of the posh school educated and Oxford elite in a privileged position of power.

A man after the Orange Party's own heart with his heart in the right place.

Top picture: The Times


DeeDee99 said...

He's the only Labour MP I'd ever even consider voting for.

Maturecheese said...

If only there were a few more like him.