Thursday, January 14, 2010

Airbrushes At Dawn

Freshly scrubbed up Dave has been given yet another make-over, this time by New Labour's dirty tricks department. Naughty boys.

Not content with highjacking the airwaves with blatant propaganda, it's now airbrushes at dawn, as the cash strapped Party stoops to conquer election weary voters.

Poster boy Dave with the slogan "we can't go on like this" (above) was a gift to photoshoppers.

The mydavidcameron website has been on a photoshopping spree having a field day with a whole host of doctored images poking fun at smoothy chops.

Even the struggling Supreme Leader, always keen on policy over personalty, got in with a few lame jokes of his own (sic) at PMQs. How we laughed.

New Labour has been wetting itself with a spoof version of the Cameron poster on its official Party website to prop up their lamentable leader.

But they hadn't reckoned on Guido, who reveals their Cameron picture was airbrushed. But not by the Tories, by New Labour.

As Guido observes: "On the original poster Dave is wearing heavy make-up but you can still see stubble, lines and skin pores. After Labour have manipulated the picture it looks as if he has been very clumsily airbushed. Deliberate manipulation to make the slogan work…"

Martin pointed out on his WSJ blog: "Brown’s attack is based on manipulation of an image by his own side eager to prove that their opponents had indulged in fakery, which this time they hadn’t."

How long will election weary voters have to suffer the sham of a phoney war in the vain hope the public will be brownbeaten into submission?

The Orange Party noted here on Sunday how cash strapped New Labour continues to use taxpayer funded blatant political propaganda dressed up as government 'information' as part of the sham to prop up a good news feel good factor.

Government spending on “good news” campaigns, reported The Sunday Times, about policing, education and jobs, has jumped by almost 50% during the past four years and now stands at a record £214m.

The Tories have got wind of the sham and so too the Telegraph.

Spending on biased and misleading bids to blow the trumpet for failed New Labour policies with backdoor electioneering is nothing new. Local councils have been at it for years with ratepayer funded propaganda sheets dressed up as newspapers - stuffed through the door to line the bird cage.

It's a year since the Orange Party highlighted the real spin behind the government's Real Help Now website. Blatant party political propaganda using taxpayers cash to prop up discredited policies.

And they are still at it. With a general election looming. And with taxpayers cash.

After community coppers and Balls' doomed diplomas, the public now has to suffer the con of £1m or so spent on the latest TV adverts with an all star line up of propaganda from the 'Directgov' website.

It's going to be a long hard slog to election day.

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