Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Brown Gets Motivated

Meeting Mr Motivator was not exactly what the Orange Party had in mind when it accused Brown of being "busy doing nothing" but it seems the Supreme Leader has taken the words to heart as he met the TV trainer on the Downing Street sofa today.

It is always a worrying sign when a politician gets on a health kick - anyone would think Brown had a health problem. 

But Brown, keen to publicise yet another government health drive, was keen to cosy up to Mr Motivator aka Derrick Evans, who used to make the housewives swoon all a-bulgin' and a-ripplin' in tight Lycra on GMTV.

Apparently fatty Brown's New Year's resolution along with saving the world is to try to get fitter. But the sight of Brown in a pair of Lycra shorts? You can catch it on GMTV tomorrow if you dare. 

Blair played tennis and football with a dicky heart. Wilson went for long walks in the Scilly Isles trying to remember the way back. Johnson and Cameron cut a dash on their bikes. But the problem is when politicians try a health kick, they end up just looking knackered. 

Maybe Brown should take up smoking - it's a sure fire way to loose weight. Done wonders for skinny 40 fags a day man Obama. 

Still fat is still a political issue and at the moment we have to suffer a round of catchy adverts from Change4Life. Anything which puts a snappy little number in the slogan smacks of New Labour obsession with style over substance. 

Maybe one day Brown and his hapless government will get the message - it's crap food that makes the nations fat. 

But this government is bent on decimating the UK farming and agriculture industries while relying on cheap foreign food imports. Encourage crap processed food to be produced in slave labour food processing factories up and down the country stuffed with nasty trans fats,  is hardly a way to encourage healthy eating. 

What the Orange Party was getting at accusing Brown of being "busy doing nothing" was that for all the hype on the economy, nothing seems to be happening. The Tories are starting to run rings round Brown - so maybe he does need the exercise after all.

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