Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Al Beeb Bias, A Hasbara From Israel

The BBC is continuing its bombardment of the UK media with Iran-backed Hamas propaganda, as Israel strikes back with a series of YouTube videos to explain their side of the conflict.

The Orange Party is becoming heartily sick of the blatant pro-Hamas bias from the BBC, most notably the highly skewed reports from middle east editor Jeremy Bowen and his band of Hamas apologists disguised as "journalists".

David Vance over at Biased BBC is clearly exasperated, writing today: "Been a busy morning for the BBC in the promotion of the Hamas cause...The BBC really are unhinged". Guido and David T over at Harry's Place are at their wits end.

Yesterday the BBC could hardly contain itself with reports of an IDF attack on a "UN school". Melanie Philips writing in the Spectator summed up the BBC's glee: "At last an Israeli massacre! The BBC straightaway parroted the Hamas/UN line – that hapless Gazan ‘refugees’ had taken shelter from the bombs in the school, only to be struck by Israeli missiles."

Of course the truth was somewhat different. According to the Jerusalem Post, this was an IDF attack on a Hamas rocket squad based in the Jabalya school. Using civilians as human shields again, the grounds were being used to fire at nearby troops. According to the IDF, the dead included members of the Hamas rocket cell. Booby-trapped bombs in the school triggered secondary explosions, killing Palestinians.

The BBC already sank to new lows in bias with yesterday's fanatical report from Gaza’s Shifa hospital by a Gazan BBC producer, Rushdi abu Alouf in collusion with Bowen, giving a platform to blatant incitement against Israel. 

With a bunch of Hamas heavies behind him, the reporter relied heavily on an interview with a Norwegian doctor Dr Mads Gilbert - a political activist hostile to Israel and a long-standing activist in the Palestinian ‘solidarity’ movement, who even supported the 9/11 attacks.

As Philips puts it: "Whether it is cynical, malicious or just plain incompetent, the BBC’s coverage of Gaza is a national disgrace."

The BBC should wake up to the fact that there are two sides to every conflict and it is innocent men, women and children who suffer on all sides. What about the hundreds of thousands of civilians who have been killed by US and UK forces in Iraq and Afghanistan? One person's 'freedom fighter' is always another person's 'terrorist'. 

In an effort to redress the balance and counter the pro-Hamas propaganda, Israel is fighting back with a 'hasbara' - to explain the sheer terror faced by Israeli civilians as Iran's backed Hamas rockets rain down on them.

Distance is only a matter of time - What if a rocket launched from Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip hit somewhere in the heart of Tel Aviv?

Residents in the city of Sderot have 15 seconds to find cover from the time the Red Alert siren sounds until a Kassam rocket hits

What would you do if you were attacked by rocket fire in London, Paris or Berlin?

Picture: Trails of smoke are seen after the launch of rockets from the central Gaza Strip towards Israel January 6, 2009. REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen.

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