Monday, January 05, 2009

West Duped by Iran's Proxy War In Gaza

Misguided 'peace' envoys from Europe's sucker liberalism, egged on by the BBC, are bent on duping world opinion as Iran's powerful fascist religious extremists wage their war by proxy in Gaza. 

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is racing against time to isolate and destroy cowardly Hamas thugs hiding in densely populated northern Gaza, before pro-Arab and pseudo liberal international pressure imposes a half-cocked cease fire and hands victory to Iran-backed wannabe Hitlers.

The IDF knows too well the carefully planned operation to halt missile attacks on Israeli citizens will be short-lived. 

Already French president Sarkozy is strutting around the Middle East stage with nothing better to do than stick his nose into the conflict. UK prime minister Brown is happy to jump on any bandwaggon of whipped up and misplaced international condemnation in his desperate bid to win votes, capture the media and cling onto power. 

In a meticulously planed operation to limit civilian casualties, the IDF has succeeded in its first goal to slice though the Gaza strip and isolate Islamist fanatics, effectively cutting off Gaza City, from the rest of the south.

After a year of training in urban fighting, the IDF is now poised is enter the urban and densely-populated built-up areas and root out Hamas thugs hiding behind the human shields in schools, hospital and mosques. 

While US Middle East envoy Blair and US president-elect Obama remain conspicuous by their silence, the US is firmly supporting Israel and putting the blame squarely on Damascus based-Hamas. But Israel will not take a chance on any change in US policy.

Any  cease-fire is pointless without a halt to Hamas rocket fire. Israel will  sign up to an absolute cease-fire but not a half-cocked peace deal which would still allow Hamas to launch  rockets into Israel and to smuggle weapons into Gaza through its tunnel network. 

The Orange Party believes any cease-fire must recognise Israel's right to respond to any aggression over its international border and monitor the closure of Hamas' weapons-smuggling tunnels. 

The Orange Party is on record standing shoulder to shoulder with those who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but is not naive enough to believe that all wars are immoral. 

Few of the voices slamming Israel are those of true pacifists. Already we are being forced to witnesses the sickening sight of celebrity glitterati joining tens of thousands of mostly Muslim protesters in rallies held worldwide against  Israeli so-called "genocide." 

Rich celebrity rebels with a cause should heed the truism of philosopher Edmund Burke that: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." 

Iran is waging a war by proxy using Damascus-based Hamas to do its dirty work and, as was pointed out here earlier, it is Hamas which has betrayed Palestine and the Palestinian cause

Israel is being confronted  by a political movement that brings together fascism with religious extremism and genocide, and that demands Jewish self-defence and international condemnation. The only message to the Palestinians should be: stop the violence.

Harrowing images from the fighting in Gaza are ultimately deceptive and displayed daily on 'al Beeb' TV. Using the misleading description of "militants", the reports show up a fundamental misunderstanding of Middle East politics. 

News feeds too come thick and fast from Arab Al Zareera TV, used with relish by the now discredited Channel 4 News, tarred forever with blatant anti-Jewish bias after allowing the disgusting spectacle of Iran's Jew-hating Iranian despot Ahmadinejad airtime during a Christmas Christian celebration. 

The BBC's bias and  thorough lack of understanding of the nature of the conflict is already causing complaints to the BBC Trust over its pro-Arab anti-Jewish coverage. 

The spin supersedes the truth and such post-modern skewed liberal moral outrage is alarmingly widespread. Such a carefree smugness and self-congratulatory superficial enlightenment is manna from heaven for the religious fanatics and their declared intent to wipe out the state of Israel.

Hamas, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, is a proxy for the real enemy in Iran. Israel's current operation against Hamas is a unique chance to deal a strategic blow to Iranian expansionism fuelled by previous confusing and mixed messages from president-elect Obama. 

The Orange Party is in no doubt that what is being played out is another shot of the Iranian revolution to install fundamental Islam across the Arab world and wipe out the state of Israel. It is that apparent unstoppable expansionism which now must be curbed. 

Iranian influence has already spread to Saudi Arabia's heavily Shiite and oil-rich eastern province and to Lebanon through Hezbollah. Even the Sunni sheikdoms of the Gulf now defer to Iran.

Iran has co-opted Hamas, a Sunni organisation closely linked to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, transforming the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a jihad against the Jewish state. Once fortified with nuclear weapons, Iranian power in the Middle East would be complete. 

Moderate Arab leaders have been circumspect in their condemnation knowing full well that the blame for the end of the tenuous Israel-Hamas cease-fire rests with Hamas. 

Those leaders understand what many western leaders fail to grasp. The Middle East conflict is no longer just about creating a Palestinian state but about preventing the region's takeover by radical Islam. 

Above all, the goal is to ensure that Hamas is unable to proclaim victory and thereby enhance Iranian prestige in the Arab world. 

Israel's 2006 war against Hezbollah was squandered through Israeli incompetence and international pressure. Hezbollah manipulated the western media by inflating the number of civilian casualties. The winner was Iran. Israel will not make that same mistake twice. 

Yet the question remains whether the international community has learned its Lebanon lesson, or will once again allow the jihadists to win. 

The international community must not be duped again. If Hamas is successful in manipulating world opinion with a premature cease-fire, its leaders will proclaim victory and continue to stockpile long-range missiles for the next round of attacks against Israeli civilians. And the next time may be too late to halt another Iran backed triumph. 

Picture: An Israeli woman walks under the damaged roof of a temporarily closed food market minutes after a rocket fired from Gaza hit Sderot.

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