Friday, November 20, 2009

EU Empire's Squalid Stitch-Up

Two unelected non-entities are the faceless faces of an EU superstate in an outrageous stitch-up by Europe's ruling elite. Cunning Brown pulled a fast one, slipping his quangocrat crony into a top job, leaving a shocking undemocratic legacy. EU can't make it up.

The UK already has an unelected head of state and two unelected prime ministers in Brown and Mandelson. Now a new boss of the EUSSR is set to join them with a New Labour crony by his side.

Van What? and Baroness Who? An obscure unelected president and foreign minister of an all powerful faceless facade, now call the shots on sovereign domestic, foreign and military policy.

In a rare show of solidarity, unlikely bedfellows the Mail and Guardian came to the same conclusion and same front page headlines - The Great EU Stitch-Up.

Riding rough shod over democracy, a staunch Belgian federalist and former health authority chairwoman were plucked from obscurity for the two powerful jobs, after Euro Club 27 met behind closed doors to stitch up a deal to chose their new president and foreign minister.

In the true spirit of squalid EU 'democracy' and taste of times to come, the two jobs were decided - over a slap-up dinner.

Did any of the 500 million citizens anywhere in Europe get a look in? Did any elected MEP have a say?

Warmongering Blair was out on his ears after failing in his life-long bid to rule a new EU empire. Finally scuppered as some EU leaders refused to buy into all the Blair hype and the shame of his illegal Iraq war. A Merkel-Sarkozy pact put an end to the sham of a charismatic charlatan.

Sensing the game was up, Brown pulled the plug on Blair to plug one of his appointed cronies, Mandy replacement trade commissioner Ashton, for the powerful foreign ministers' job.

Mandy's dreams of landing the foreign 'secretary' job in the EU or government have been dashed. A pantomime dame left with the onerous task of spinning for a fag end government and stage managing a doomed New Labour farce.

Now a political appointee who has never been elected to anything will have the most influential job in the EU bureaucracy. A political counterpoint to Belgian president Rompuy which paves the way for a Sarkozy placeman to run the EU economy and the City.

Ashton's meteoric rise from head of Hertfordshire health authority to EU high representative was a surprise to say the least. "As unelected as she is obscure," observed the Guardian.

But as unelected New Labour leader in the Lords, Ashton helped steer the sham of the Lisbon treaty through parliament without a referendum - the very treaty which created her plumb new job.

Now heading up a vast EU diplomatic service with embassies around the world, Brown's placeman is also responsible for Europe's security and defence policy.

Blair may be gone and Brown soon to follow but their legacy of a new EU superstate lives on.

Democracy has been ripped to shreds, with a bunch of unelected EU commission 'civil servants' masquerading as a government. An EU president and 'high representative' represents the unaccountable bureaucratic EU superstate.

The EU treaty failed to set limits on the size and scope of the EU government. An EU superstate with new powers over defence and foreign policy creates a chilling new Empire. A totalitarian dictatorship for the 21st century.

In was Blair who gave one of his empty promises that when it came to all things EU it was time to "let the people have the final say". But the 'people' were not allowed the luxury of democracy when it came to 'electing' an EU president or foreign 'minister'.

An ever expanding EU superstate is looming on the horizon, way past its original 1975 sell-by date - with laws imposed from Brussels, with over-arching powers over foreign and military policy, with a couple of unelected nobodies running the show for the EU club's ruling elite.

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