Thursday, November 19, 2009

'Boney' Blair Meets His Waterloo

Warmongering Blair has been thrown out on his ears after failing in his life-long bid to rule a new EU empire. The Orange Party can breath a small sigh of relief. Sky's Boulton broke the news: "Blair's hopes are over...Brown has decided that support is declining for the ex-PM...he is not going to table his name at the choose the President."

Would the EU really have gone for a president with "a taste for war" and blood on his hands after Iraq? An 'El Presidente' who came under relentless attack from Hague? An EU president who would get up the nose of the new Tory government?

'Boney' Blair and arch-rival Brown had been working the phones and contacts book until the bitter end.

But Blair's cunning plan was finally scuppered as some EU leaders refused to buy into the Blair hype and politics of false hope and discredited optimism.

A Merkel-Sarkozy pact put an end to the sham of a charismatic charlatan. 'Mummy' Merkel had had her fill of 'Mr Flash'.

Sensing the game was up, Brown 'pulled the plug' on Blair to plug one of his quangocrat cronies, Mandy replacement trade commissioner Ashton, for the powerful foreign ministers' job.

The new EU is now up and running to ride rough shod over democracy with an ever expanding superstate.

In the squalid world of power politics, all roads led back to Blair. The Orange Party has long believed scheming Blair had been plotting away to be top EU dog well before he was booted out of Downing Street.

Biding his time, swanning around the world stage. Collecting meaningless titles and lucrative jobs in the elite club of the filthy rich. All carefully stage-managed until his plumb dream job was up for grabs.

Blair's EU ambitions started early, according to Oborne, who asked: Did Blair betray Britain for years in his bid to become EU president? "Within months of his winning the 1997 General Election, his aides were confiding that his long-term aim was the then non-existent post of European President."

Old habits die hard for original Gang of Four. The Orange Party never bought into the hype that Mandy returned to the Brown fold out of love for his old enemy.

Mandy was cheerleader for Blair's EU quest, pulling Brown's strings and propping up the struggling Supreme Leader in return for a Blair favour.

Now Mandy's manipulation to install pal Blair as president of a new EU superstate has ended in failure. Billy-no-mates Brown has outlived his usefulness. Will Mandy drop Liability Brown after his earlier skullduggery to protect brand Blair and prop-up Brown?

Mandy is left with the onerous task of spinning for a fag end government and covering up a decade of disaster and failure. Stage managing a doomed New Labour pantomime while Blair wanders in the wilderness, raking in a fortune without any real power or influence.

Wiping the blood off his hands, Teflon Tony is left with a guest appearance at the Chilcot whitewash into his illegal Iraq war. But New Labour continued to sing to the tune of His Master's Voice, refusing to face up to the shame of their fallen idol who took the country to war on the back of a pack of lies.

Blair may be gone but his legacy of a new EU superstate lives on. A shameful legacy to his years of self-serving power. Democracy has been ripped to shreds, with a bunch of unelected EU commission 'civil servants' masquerading as a government.

The EU Lisbon treaty con fails to set any real limits on the size and scope of the EU government. An EU superstate with new powers over defence and foreign policy creates a chilling new Empire - a totalitarian dictatorship for the 21st century with vast control over the military.

In 2004, Blair gave one of his empty promises that when it came to all things EU it was time to "let the people have the final say". But the 'people' were not allowed the luxury of democracy when it came to 'electing' an EU president.

Blair was in the running until the last minute. His downfall signalled the end of a doomed love affair with brand Blair. The end of the undemocratic swooning by European leaders who'd built their own reputations on the back of Blair's hyped up hope.

Born-again Blair in one of the most powerful posts on the planet would have been a recipe for disaster.

What remains is an ever expanding EU superstate, way past its original 1975 sell-by date, with laws imposed from Brussels, with over-arching powers over foreign and military policy.

Thankfully not presided over by a war criminal, massaging his ego and bank balance.

The UK already has an unelected head of state and two unelected prime ministers. Now a new boss of the EUSSR is set to join them with a New Labour crony by his side. An obsure unelected president and foreign minister of an all powerful faceless facade, calling the shots on sovereign domestic, foreign and military policy.

Update: EU leaders still have the hots for Herman van Rompuy (above). Crazy name, crazy guy!?!

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