Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pseudo Liberals Play Into BNP Hands

Equalities watchdogs are claiming victory over moves to end 'white only' membership of the BNP. But silly pseudo liberals have played right into their hands. The only people to benefit will be the BNP, with some voters more willing to join a bunch of racists who can now claim to have lost the 'racist' tag.

On the surface it's looking good. BNP leader, Nick Griffin, is set to put an amended constitution before his party that will abolish the 'indigenous caucasian' membership clause, after legal action by the equalities and human rights commission.

John Wadham, of the commission, seems well chuffed, telling the BBC: "We are pleased the party has conceded this case and agreed to all of the Commission requirements."

But when a bunch of pseudo-liberal do-gooders get their heads together, realism goes out of the window. They may well think they've pulled a fast one on the BNP but it's the thin end of a nasty little wedge.

The BNP is a legitimate political party with growing membership. The equalities commission has played right into its hands. Today's action has delivered to the BNP exactly what it wants.

Some punters are saying, albeit in whisper, they're thinking of joining the BNP. Probably not because they are racists but because they are thoroughly disillusioned with current policies over immigration.

New Labour is now facing a voter backlash after years of half-baked mish-mash over immigration with only brave souls like Field daring to speak out.

The BNP has a right to give its views as long as they are legal. Given its current elections voting record, the party has a right to appear on BBC Question Time.

That doesn't make hard line anti-immigration policies right in a so-called liberal democracy. But it does make for healthy debate, as long as views are robustly challenged by someone with a brain.

The danger comes when a far right political party is legitimised and can bring in 'racist' views by stealth. Giving Griffin the oxygen of publicity is not the way to defeat the BNP.

The Orange Party fully agrees with David Blackburn's refreshing dose of realism over at the Spectator:

"Losing the tag ‘racist party’ would be a triumph for the BNP, bringing it truly into the mainstream. It is one thing to be given a mainstream platform, but it is quite another to be recognised as a legitimate political force."

The 'no-platform' approach to the BNP has had its day. New tactics are needed after today's judgement. The BNP must now be defeated by reasoned, decent argument not a slagging match.

Just swapping from skinheads and sweatshirts to a neat haircut and sharp suit doesn't make the BNP 'acceptable'. Complying with equalities law doesn't turn a bunch of racists into a 'non-racist' political party.

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Bob Piper said...

"The BNP has a right to give its views as long as they are legal."

But when people want to prevent them being an illegal political party they are dismissed as "woolly liberal pseudo do-gooders"

I just love the way right-wing reactionaries are prepared to stick their heads up their arses to defend the BNP's right to behave in a racist way... all in the name of "a refreshing dose of realism" (of course).

the orange party said...

You seem to be totally missing the point. How very New Labour.
I was on the streets fighting the National Front. My father was on the streets fighting Mosley's blackshirts. Where were you?
No one in their right mind would "defend the BNPs right to behave in a racist way" - least of all me.

Maturecheese said...

I question your use of the term 'Far Right' to describe the BNP. You make the same mistake as the BBC. The BNP's policies are actually to the left of Labour in a lot of cases.

As for people voting for them, where else can they go if like me they think that mass immigration and a lot of the PC bull that goes with it, is a downright disgrace. Nobody else is listening or willing to take the appropriate action. If the BNP get even more popular, the big three parties can only blame themselves.

MikeSC said...

"The BNP's policies are actually to the left of Labour in a lot of cases. "

Some may be- they're anti-war aren't they? But they're predominantly rightist- the racial views of Enoch Powell and the protectionist economics of Disraeli.

Big State doesn't mean socialism, or left-wing. Using the Big State for economic-nationalism is firmly in the Tory tradition.