Sunday, October 11, 2009

Raising The Roof On Climate Change Con

As 'climate change' protesters storm onto the roof of parliament, Auntie's got her thermal knickers in a twist about global warming. After years banging the drum for climate change, it seems even the BBC is now having second thoughts and starting to wake up to the climate change con.

What happened to global warming? asks the BBC's forlorn 'climate correspondent' Paul Hudson, after pointing to the fact that "the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998."

The Beeb's U-turn may force a rebranding of job titles, along with saddos in the 'department of energy and climate change'. All working hand in glove with pseudo-liberal activists obsessed with climate change at the government-owned Met office.

Big Brother brainwashing and you'd better believe it. Even Corrie viewers were forced to sit through government propaganda with an ad frightening the living daylights out of children, with the brass cheek warning: "Man is causing global warming and threatening life on earth."

Is Auntie having a change of heart after ramming climate change down everyone's throat? It's all grist to the mill for climate change sceptics who argue this is evidence that they have been right all along. There are so many other natural causes for warming and cooling, that even if man is warming the planet, it is a small part compared with nature.

Meanwhile ever sceptical Drudge points to climate change con-kid Gore, who got another chilly reception this time in Wisconsin, when a reporter had the audacity to ask some Inconvenient Truths.

Taking a question from an Irish filmmaker, Gore ducked questions over nine errors in his film, before the filmmaker had his microphone cut off by the eco-fascist moderators. So much for the Land of the Free.

In Denver, Colorado, the Phillies-Rockies baseball game was all snowed out with Saturday night's playoff postponed because of cold, snowy weather. How we laughed.

So what on earth is going on, asks the Beeb in its naivety? Not too difficult a question, even for Humphrys dumbed-down Mastermind.

Once again the Orange Party is forced to issue a weather warning to beware the Climate Change Conmen.

Predictions were based on dodgy, discredited climate change computer models. But too late to stop political wannabes seizing on the latest craze to jump on a greenwash bandwagon.

Big bucks are being made out of carbon credit trading. Green taxes help fill treasury coffers by stealth. Jobsworth eco-fascists have a politically correct cause and a big holier than thou stick to beat up anyone who doesn't toe the line of their narrow little minds.

The Met Office and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) need something to hang all their hot air on to justify strutting around the world, making a mint out of 'climate change' courses for dumb fool horses.

No wonder Czech president, Vaclav Klaus, is getting it in the neck. He's not only trying everything in the book to block the EU treaty and Blair's presidency but he's also written a book 'Blue Planet Green Shackles' exploding the man-made global warming myth.

All that doesn't go down at all well with the Masters of the Universe or the eco-brigade.

The Orange Party's view is startlingly simple. Global warming, global cooling. Whatever. Man's influence on our climate has been widely overstated. Throw in a few ocean and solar cycles and it's all part of life's rich natural cycle.

Call a spade a spade. Global greed, not 'global warming' is the Big Issue.

Greed by wiping out the rainforests and its people to prop up the west's addition to cheap beef and plant oil additives. Greed from China's factories belching out poison to prop up western lifestyles with slave labour.

Greed from a country obsessed with cheap polluting air travel. Greed and half-baked 'green' policies on industrial pollution which allows pesticides and poisons to be dumped on land and in rivers.

Wrapping up pollution in the cotton wool con of 'climate change' and forcing poor souls to try to read by the dim light of an 'energy' bulb is a disgraceful eco-cop out.

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