Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brown's Tears Of A Clown

The Sunday knives have been sharpened, serving up Brown on a plate. Both the Sunday Times and the BBC gave him a roasting, with headlines enough to make a grown man cry.

The struggling Supreme Leader is entering his post conference blind spot. His future hangs in the balance. The Orange Party will not shed a tear for a discredited prime minister trying to wriggle out of the mess of his own making.

These are the tears of a clown who's duped the country into a decade of disaster and failure.

The Sunday Times thunders: The one-eyed man may be king, but for how long? Spot on, accurate and justified in the accompanying copy.

Couple that with a Sunday Times splash about one of Brown's multi-millionaire pals leaping about in the Lords with a second homes fiddle and it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Yesterday's revelations over Brown's eyesight and 'retinal tears' caught Fleet Street on the hop. Was this part of the cunning plan to go for the sympathy vote and play up the underdog strategy? Or part of Brown's 'get out of jail free' card so he can slip quietly away into oblivion on health grounds?

Or, as many suspect, a Downing Street bid to beat the Mail on Sunday set to splash the revelations in today's paper.

What concerns the Orange Party is this is the second time Brown's eyesight has been called into question. First by a US chat show host and then by Marr. Both times Brown played it down and played up a clean bill of health.

So when did he first start having these eye tests? Why did he chose this moment to reveal the details? This is the prime minister. He has to be open and honest. Voters have a right to know whether their prime minister is fit for purpose.

Meanwhile the expenses ghost is coming back to haunt many MPs including Brown, set to be forced to pay back some ill-gotten gains.

Flagged up throughout morning by BBC on-line news, Brown's 'cleaning bill' and Sky subscription are under scruitiny, even after the top story was eventually switched to a boy-Miliband and Hillary non-news love-in.

Brown is a victim of his own MPs' expenses spin. But the Orange Party isn't holding its breath, with a Downing Street appointed patsy in charge of a whitewash focussing on expenses claims rather than mortgage and tax fiddles of the second homes scam.

Ducks and moat houses are an outrage sure, but the real scandal was always over dodgy second homes. Which cabinet cronies past and present, if any, have been fingered over that outrage in the Legg letter. Who will wriggle and squirm? Who will cough up and who will be collared?

Deluded Brown is clinging onto power in a fag-end government when Cameron has already been anointed prime minister, thanks to naughty Nick Robinson's BBC gaffe.

But the charade is set to continue with an unelected prime minister who's been stumbling along in the Blair shadow with a life-long quest to be elected. Stubbornly convinced of his own rectitude, that final dream has fallen out of his grasp.

The danger for Brown has always been the danger zone straight after the conference season as MPs return to Westminster. Weary New Labour has-beens have nothing to look forward to apart from a long slog to defeat. Any conference season bounce falls flat and voter intentions start to harden.

Aware of the blind spot there's nothing left but to gamble on with a last roll of the dice and the play the underdogs card and the discredited politics of false hope.

Marching to the old slogan 'Things will only get better', time for yet another fightback using the false hope and hype of optimism to con a few gullible suckers.

Blair prop, Al Johnson, told Marr today: "He'll fight the election… He is fit and well and able and determined", leaving the Party up the Swanee and thousands of New Labour hearts sinking into their stomachs.

Can Bouncy Brown manage to dodge the flak? Events dear chap are always just around the corner. The great bird of chance ready to crap on the best laid plans of mice and men.

Bottling Brown had a couple of chances to go to the country but blew it. Beleaguered Brown and his New Labour deadbeats have run out steam and turn-around time. Even a one-eyed man could see that coming.

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Silent Hunter said...

Not a lot you could argue with here - that pretty much sums up Gordon Brown and the Sleazy Labour Party in a nutshell.

The sooner we get the General Election, the better it will be for all of us . . . apart from those in Labours "Client State" of course.