Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Queen And Her People Are Not Amused

The future of prime minister Gordon Brown and his ruling New Labour Party hang in the balance as the people of this once proud kingdom round on the scandalous behaviour of the political elite and the Queen steps in to tell a shamed self-styled Supreme Leader she is not amused.  

As Brown fights for his political survival, with a relentless round of scandals over MPs' expenses, there are growing demands for a root and branch parliamentary purge and general election to clear the stench of corruption from air. 

Grand old Labour parliamentarian Tony Benn was asked recently what he made of these scandalous events. He doesn't say much. He looks crest-fallen. His eyes well up with tears. He looks set to cry. That's probably how Her Maj felt when Brown met the Queen at Her Majesty's displeasure. 

Has it really all come down to this? The short answer is yes. 

"Claims for lawnmower repairs, dog food, porn films and moat cleaning have angered recession-hit Britons already disenchanted with the political classes. The affair has also fuelled growing dissatisfaction with a Labour government in power since 1997," is how news wire service Reuters tells it to the world.

Parliament and democracy face one of their biggest tests. And that requires a golden bullet of trust, bold leadership and a fresh start with a thorough clean-out of the stinking commons stables to restore public faith. 

Beleaguered Brown is trying it on with a last ditch bid to salvage the reputation of his failed leadership and restore some public trust in his shamed government with a manic catch-up piece in the News of the Screws of all places, beautifully fisked by Peter Hoskins

Trying to claim the leadership high ground from the leader-in-waiting is a forlorn hope. Knacker of the Yard is set to set up shop launching a criminal inquiry into the expenses scandal.

It's all too little too late for bunkered Brown as he fights a belated rearguard action to stave off early general election annihilation. 

Brown can't do anything to rescue this tragedy. He cannot show leadership because his tribal instinct for party political posturing is too deep rooted. 

The Supreme Leader has made the fatal mistake of putting himself and his ruthless grip on the Party above the People.

The bad and the downright ugly have been finally forced out of the woodwork as the damaging perks scandal which has been simmering for years finally exploded. Only a few good'uns who have not milked the system for all it's worth remain, tarnished and tarred with the same brush.

But two years into his premiership and Brown is still scrabbling around as the rotten chickens come home to roost. He utterly failed to take any action against any of his cronies that cheated the taxpayer until the Telegraph and then Cameron forced his hand trying to clear up the mess from his own Party.

The outside world can only look on at the staggering hypocrisy of the political elite and their scandalous behaviour.

All political parties are left licking their wounds. All have been shown up and shamed. All part of the same conspiracy to defraud. New Labour and its rotten cabinet in particular have born the brunt. They after all have the most MPs and over a decade of power and familiarity has bred contempt and that contempt bred greed and corruption. 

The Tory opposition squirearchy revealed its feudal aristocratic colours as they packed their wellies into the Range Rovers and moved into the cushy common. Holier-than-thou LibDems have been shown up with an eye on the fat chance and nose in the trough. 

It's a plague on both your houses and both Houses as New Labour cronies in the Lords are exposed as cheating vermin dressed in weasel-worded ermine.

The expenses scandal claimed its first scalps last week. The public wants more. Political leaders are left scrabbling around to satisfy the public's blood lust for rightful vengeance. 

Bunker and blinkered, Brown holds the key but doesn't want to open the door to democracy. Without a snap election to clear the air that key may be taken out of his hands. 

Brown today promises action but the public want him to put their money where his mouth is. Restoring trust means turning our back on Brown's squalid political scheming style of brutal petty politics. 

Without strong leadership, rebellion and revolution are in the air, from both the people who are taking matters into their own hands and from parliament. The storm clouds are gathering.

For the first time, cross-party MPs, are pushing a motion of no confidence in the disgrace of a speaker and Brown's New Labour crony who's been at the centre of the scandal at every twist and turn as he waged "a reign of terror" over expenses. 

For the first time since the Rump Parliament of 1653, there are calls for the speaker to quit led by LibDem leader, Nick Clegg.

For the first time since the English Revolution the house of lords is set to suspend two New Labour lords caught a-leaping into the 'cash for laws' scandal. 

With most politicians tainted with sleaze it's now sunk to a new low of just who can you trust. A quick flick through the Telegraph and Sunday Times will show up MPs who haven't been fingered by the fiddles and show up the rest. 

Cherish the few who have come out of this with some integrity and dignity. The rest can rot in the hell of their own making. 

The scandals of MPs' expenses has rocked Westminster to its very foundations, left the public rolling with shock and disgust and threatens to wreck the once cherished democracy.

This is the last chance to purge from public life the chancers, spivs and crooks who have brought shame on themselves, parliament and democracy. In Cromwell's words: In the name of God, go!

A ruthless purge is the only solution to stop the rot in its tracks. Only a snap general election now can clear the air of the rotten stench. 

Brown's had his chance and he blew it. If he won't call a snap election to clear the air of the rotten stench, then make way for a woman who can.

This week's chat between the Queen and Brown will remain under wraps but the Mail reports, well-placed sources say the Queen is 'deeply troubled' by the scandal and had made it clear that she feared it could inflict 'long-lasting damage' to the commons.

One of the benefits of a constitutional monarchy is that Her Maj has sworn an oath to serve the people. Time to put the finest traditions of our cherished democratic process to the test. It is the monarch who dissolves parliament not the prime minister. 

Dissolve parliament. Force a general election. Put the politicians on the spot. See just how many will stand and how many will survive. 

That's democracy. That's politics. And that is the will of the people. 


Anonymous said...

Angry, brilliant, thoughtful, and spot on. Thank you for capturing what so many of us feel and think.

Anonymous said...

How could we go about producing an online petition to the Queen to dissolve parliament . . . . ?

the orange party said...

No need to produce one, there is a good online petition here

It reads:

We the people of the United Kingdom have lost all confidence in your current parliament. The people have no trust in the probity and integrity of a great many of the current members of parliament, and we believe that they are too motivated by self-interest to seek their own dissolution before the last possible date.

We further believe that if the situation is permitted to continue, irreparable harm will be done to the institutions of democracy in the United Kingdom.

We therefore implore you to exercise the Royal Prerogative and to dissolve this rotten parliament, that a new one may be elected.

... or you could just write a letter to the Palace - after all it is Her Majesty's government and Her Majesty's opposition.