Thursday, May 21, 2009

McBrown Is Lovin' It And Losing It

MPs are packing their bags for another long break counting the cost of their expenses. The deluded Supreme Leader is lovin' it and losing it, using scare tactics of "chaos" against the will of the people, while playing an outrageous petty game of one-upmanship with Mr Fix-It. The government, parliament and democracy have been left in tatters and the public left spitting blood. It's now back to the future playing up the soiled economy card, as Brown's top greedy bunch of crooks and cronies are let off Scot-free. 

Promising the sham of a crack-down on his greedy MPs with well-spun show-trials has a hollow ring to it, as Brown today backs up his greedy cabinet cronies Hoon and Purnell who can do no wrong, leaving soft target Blears hung out to dry.

Blinkered Brown is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. It's hard to see who'd be left in his cabinet if he really puts our money where his mouth is. 

Cameron is on a mission from Murdoch. It'll be the Sun wot won it for the man who can, as long as his cuts run deep and true and the smiley postie doesn't come knocking on his door. 

Dave has found the golden bullet of trust. At every twist and turn of this squalid MPs' expenses scandal he's been streets ahead of bunkered, bossy-boots Brown. 

Brown's misguided tribal loyalties and political politicking will be his downfall. Putting self-interest above the country is not the way to go when voters want blood and a change from a rotten regime. 

It's show time for New Labour but don't expect a sharp axe wielded with a true aim. 

Only postie turned Blair prop, Johnson, has a clean bill of health, along with the nice but useless Miliband brothers. They've come out of the sordid mess unscathed and deserve to hold their heads high. Even Brown isn't whiter than white. The rest should rot in hell - but they won't.

It may well end in tears for Blears. A poor little sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter while the rest of the fiddling flock count themselves lucky, count their ill-gotten gains and count on the boss to see them right. 

A cabinet reshuffle after the Euro election wipe-out is on the cards if Brown gets that far and it's not just beaming Blears and iffy Smiffy who should be toast. 

But throw one top cabinet minister to the baying crowds and the whole pack of cards will come crumbling down.

Instead Brown is set to come back refreshed for a general election fight back with a new cabinet stuffed with old cronies and then have the rotten scandal rear its ugly head again and blow up in his face.

Hiding away in the tribal bunker, the spinners are trying it on with a last roll of the dice - the economy - featuring heavily in the Party's election leaflets: ... difficult economic times ... Brown's experienced leadership ... global economic crisis ... blah di blah.

The problem for Brown is the 'flippers' have their fiddling fingerprints all over his government, including his own chancellor and his favourite cabinet couple.

The ruling New Labour Party has seen its chancellor Darling exposed as a serial tax evader and he's in charge of the economy. Brown's golden cabinet couple Balls and Cooper have been exposed as triple second homes fiddlers and are in line for a move up the greasy pole. 

Who's in charge of a crack-down on crime? His disposable two homes secretary, Smith, up to her neck in receipts of deceit. 

Justice minister Straw made a mistake which would see him laughed out of court. Transport secretary, Hoon, has taken taxpayers for a ride.

The guy in charge of catching benefit cheats? Work and pensions secretary, Purnell, accused of pocketing thousands of pounds in expenses and avoiding taxes.

The chap in charge of de-selection? Brown's buddy and government chief whip, no relation Brown, who charged £18,000 to the taxpayer over four years for food without receipts. 

Sure a few will be hung out to dry by Brown to show that he can match Cameron in the game of brinkmanship but they are bit-players.

The real culprits, the spivs and crooks will get off Scot-free as the so-called purge lets his inner circle of cronies off the hook. His premiership is in tatters. Voters can see through the sham. 

Cameron was always going to come out this mess on top, despite the hopes of many for an almighty Tory scandal. He's flying high with the Sun but more importantly with voters. 

On numbers alone the odds were stacked in his favour. An opposition MP however high and mighty caught troughing doesn't hold a candle to a government minister caught fiddling. 

Out of the whole sorry mess Cameron, Osbourne and Hague have come up relatively squeaky clean, much to the chagrin of some in the media, who were waiting to play a game of ya boo sucks. He's declared open season on his rotten lot, taking on the Thatcher old guard, toffs and greedy wannabes.

But in a remarkable insight into the mind of the Supreme Leader, Brown revealed his true smug, arrogant colours, telling MPs and voters crying out for a snap general election that he won't do it - because he'd lose and anyway he's the only one who can save the world from recession depression. 

In one fell swoop he made a mockery of democracy, insulted opposition parties and the whole country.

Picking on a few sorry scapegoats who won't damage Brown's iron rule does not show leadership. It shows a scheming mind and lays bare the vexed question to come out of the whole squalid expenses scandal. Who can you trust when many of our politicians are tainted with sleaze?

Parliament is there for the people, not to prostitute itself to the iron grip of a shamed and discredited fag-end government. 

Cameron's Tories, LibDems, SNP and the whole country are shouting with one voice: What do we want? A general election. When do we want it? Now. 

Top Picture: Private Eye. Middle picture: New Labour Party June 4 campaign leaflet. Bottom picture: Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's Supercam. 

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