Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chaos In Brown's Big Brother House

The fag-end government is fighting a rearguard action to brown-beat voters and cling onto power. Tarred with the brush of sleaze and scandal, Brown is bringing his own brand of chaos to his Big Brother House. 

Parliament is powerless. Democracy a joke. The people are revolting. The Queen is not amused. In the second English Revolution, chaos is descending on Brown's Big Brother House and the long-suffering public are the losers.

A parliament for the people has been exposed as a rotten house prostituting itself to the iron grip of a shamed and discredited government. 

In the thick of it is a deluded Supreme Leader using the scare tactics of "chaos" against anyone who dares question his iron will. That sticks in the throat.

Bent on a desperate last ditch bid to fool some of the people some of the time, disturbing signs of delusions of grandeur are setting in.

Ridding the commons of the spivs and crooks with a purge of MPs should be self-selecting and deselecting. 

Instead angry, disillusioned voters are being forced to sit through the squalid spectacle of a game of cat and mouse as the truly rotten eggs try to keep their cushy numbers and cling on to power.

Leaders from all parties have a magic bullet in their armoury to deal with the bad and the ugly faces of politicians. 

Withdrawn the whip and without the Party comfy cushion, an MP will be forced to stand down and force a by-election. But will Brown use it and risk losing it? Will he heck. 

Bold, strong leadership is being cast aside in his squalid game of tribal politics and brinkmanship being played out at Westminster. 

Cameron's Conservatives and the LibDems are coming out on top but only because with fewer MPs, the odds are stacked in their favour and the top tiers of Osbourne, Hague and Cable have come up squeaky clean. 

But as the expenses scandal unfolded, clear water began to emerge. In the main, Tory toffs were caught lording it up on lavish expenses while the New Labour wannabe elite made the most of their mortgages with crooked second homes fiddles. 

A mixture of chancers, spivs and downright criminals left the poor taxpayers in the middle. You pays your money, now you takes your choice with a handful of honourable and decent folk who can hold their heads high and now ride out the storm. 

Cameron's lot are being forced to bite the bullet. Brown's lot hiding away in the bunker of shame playing for time. The chaos is set to get worse the longer Brown and his tight cabal of cronies try to put off the inevitable day when power is prised from their cold dead fingers. 

Bleating Blears, set up for the chop as a lamb to the slaughter, is now being backed by Blairite cabinet colleagues, leaving beleaguered Brown and his government in tatters as they struggle to contain the fall-out in the squalid world of self-interest. 

Her 'crime' is no worst than most others among the smug arrogant bunch in the cabinet highlighted here. Sacrifice Blears and the whole rotten pack of cards will come tumbling down.

Only ex-postie Johnson and the useless Miliband brothers are coming up clean. Get rid of the cabinet crooks and there'd be few left to fight another day. 

The disgraced speaker was finally ousted through the 'will of parliament' as Brown faced up to the stark home truth that it was either his pal or him. With the downfall of a disgraced speaker came the downfall of democracy.

Now voters in their droves are calling time on the government and calling for a general election. 

Brown tried to ignore the 'will of parliament'. Now he's trying to ignore the will of the people. But he does so at his peril. Behind the will of parliament and the will of the people lurk powerful dark forces lying in wait in the true 'national interest'. 

After the expected Euro rout of June 4, stand by for the spin of a cabinet reshuffle with the same old cronies sliding up and down the greasy pole and a grand "national plan", a magic cure all for all the country's ills in the last chance election saloon. 

The cheap trick is to turn the agenda back on what only deluded Brown thinks is his election strength - the economy - already featuring heavily in the June 4 campaign for what is supposed to be an election about, er, Europe. 

This has all the hallmarks of a phoney general election war set up before the dark nights of autumn and before the legals kick in and force fair, balanced broadcast news.  

A national plan, national unity, national government with a power-crazed megalomanic and a tightly knit bunch of cronies ruling the country with the iron fist of a Nasty Party. This is all starting to sound scary. 

One person, one party and one voice to save the country and save the world. "One Folk, One Party, One Leader" has a very nasty ring to it. Churchill will be turning over in his grave.

The only hope for the doomed and discredited New Labour brand is Johnson. Other left-wing backbenchers sure, but that's wishful thinking best left for the big debate after New Labour is left licking its wounds ousted and outed.   

Johnson may be despised by the grass roots Party as a Blair prop. The Orange Party's big concern is that it would be Mandy and the gang pulling his strings. But he's a decent sort of chap and, as an added bonus, he used to have a proper job before he took the Blair shilling. 

Johnson would sure as hell give Cameron a good run for his money in that much needed general election. And that would make for healthy politics all round. 

The Party should pull its finger out now before it's all too late and the iron fist turns into an immovable iron grip and a new Brown Order of crooks, smearers, spinners and bully boys crawls out of the chaos.  


Sparrow said...

The Milliband brothers clean ? I think only one came up clean, the other being caught out by excessive gardening. Quite how potted plants help him be foreign secretary hasn't been explained or whether he will pay it back.

Election now please.

the orange party said...

Sparrow - you're right of course. David did not come up smelling of roses.

David's claim was queried by his gardener. Ed claimed £7,670 on his second home allowance in 07/08.

But that's nothing compared to the rest of the rotten bunch.

Oldrightie said...

Be it a penny greedily grabbed or a fortune, the character is exposed.