Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mighty Wind Cuts Through Brown Crap

Fear and loathing of Brown's rotting government are being exposed in a raft of devastating indictments delivered with a welcome breath of fresh air. As the rotten stench which lies at the heart of government is rounded on in unprecedented attacks of unity, the lies, deceit and downright dishonesty are finally being laid bare. But it has taken a mighty mistral wind to cut through all the Brown crap.

The discredited New Labour project is dead but it won't lie down. And that underpins the dilemma facing the fag-end of a government as the deluded prime minister looks set to implode. How can you round on Brown without destroying the brand?

But some are starting to have a jolly good go. They have no choice. 

Ministers, payroll MPs and their cronies know the game is up. Faced with the now certain outcome of a ballot box wipe-out, years of power will come to an end and with them go the Common Purpose cronies who've been stuffed into the huge wasteful quangoland, used to underpin and support a decade of deceit. 

Exposing Brown will expose the deceit and spin of the Blair years project but it's a chance they have to take.

The Orange Party has never subscribed to the argument of some political commentators who polarise battles into simplistic left and right politics. At the heart though is the rotting stench of spin and corruption at the heart of number 10. 

Writing in the Mail, Peter Oborne, one of the first to expose the political lying machine and one of last men standing to lose all faith in Brown, is now calling on Gordon to do the decent thing and sit down with a whisky and revolver:  

"Nothing can save Gordon Brown: So, who will hand Brown the loaded revolver and bottle of whisky?" Like Oborne, the Orange Party reckons that could come from Mandy's smoking gun. 

Love them or loath them, the game is up for the gang of chancers who after the shambles of the social democrat's Gang of Four" in the 1980s hadn't the guts to form their own party.  Instead they highjacked an off-the peg political movement which used to be called the Labour Party. 

And that's the disgrace which is coming back to haunt those who were taken in by the spin, those who just went along for the ride and those who now feel ashamed, running around, just  plain scared. 

One social democrat "Gang of Four" of Jenkins, Owen, Rodgers and Williams came and scurried off with their tails between their legs to their true Liberal home. 

Another "Gang of Four" of Blair, Campbell, Mandleson and Gould shoe-horned into its place, with Brown brought along to cook the books. 

Now blind panic from Blairites reveal their true social democrat colours, as more crawl out of the woodwork to condemn Brown's government and look to the LibDems for sanctuary. 

Spun as a fear that the Party could lurch to the 'left', it's more a fear that the bunch of cronies who highjacked the Party will be exposed as a bunch of crooks and thrown out on their ears. 

The worm has turned. Guardianista pseudo-liberals in the shape of Blair babe Polly Toynbee who once heaped praised on Brown now bleats it's: 'Gordon Brown: no ideas and no regrets'

"Under his leadership Labour has become a rotten, defeatist rabble ... Many said he had neither the temperament nor the political skills for the top job. I was among those who hoped he had, because you have to live in hope.”  

But the most powerful indictment of Brown and Downing Street comes from author Nick Cohen's polemic in the social affairs magazine Standpoint, as New Labour's 12th anniversary in power is marked: 

"A movement that was committed to the democratic modernisation of Britain has imposed a Prime Minister who has not won a mandate at a general election nor secured for himself the smaller but still significant legitimacy that comes from fighting a contested leadership election within his own party. "

Writing about the 'Fear and Filth at Brown's Number 10', Cohen is not for the faint hearted but should be required reading for everyone from all colours of the political spectrum: 

"The only true suffering Brown has inflicted is on Britain's idea of itself ... we accept a PM who achieved power not through the ballot box but by bullying his critics and rivals. As with any other bully, all it would take to stop him is for his opponents to call his bluff. That for years hardly any have, says more about us than it does about him. "

Cohen finds few friends in the New Labour media elite as he rumbles their cushy and cosy world. 

But many of the comments to Cohen's article feel it was like a breath of fresh air. The Orange Party goes further. His mighty healthy mistral wind cuts through the crap of a stinking Brown summer. 

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