Monday, April 27, 2009

Mr Brown Goes Off To 'Terror' Town

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and in the case of Battered Brown, to the safe and heavily fortified sanctuary of Camp Bastian, with some useless rhetoric playing the "terror" card and playing politics with troops set to be sent to their death in Afghanistan's bloody, hopeless and unwinnable war.

Maybe there are just not enough problems to wrestle with back home. After all, the country is delighted by his Darling's budget, his MPs' expenses solution to pay them more for turning up for work has gone down a treat and that pesky Downing Street e-petition calling for his resignation isn't really democracy at work, now is it?

In a classic case of positive spin slipped into a report, which smacks of stealth reporting, the BBC's Nick Robinson, travelling with the PM, said: "He [Brown] believes that the big increase in troop numbers - particularly Americans - should be accompanied by the same strategy that succeeded in Iraq".

So what hard evidence is there that the big troop numbers was a "success" in Iraq and that a similar surge will succeed in Afghanistan? How is success measured - by the numbers of dead?

Once again Brown seems to have photocopied a White House memo which apparently would do just fine for the folks back home. But this isn't the US Army Mr Brown. Just copying Obama doesn't make it right.

 Is this a softening up signal for yet more of our troops to be sent to war as part of his pre-election politics?

When things are not looking good, the Supreme Leader has a habit of popping up in Afghanistan's Helmand province to have his photograph taken with our boys and girls. Nice pictures shame about the policy.

After talks with Afghan president, Corrupt Karzai in Kabul, the Dad's Army prime minister announced "a new strategy" for dealing with terrorism across the tribal border areas with Pakistan, warning of a "chain of terror" starting "in the mountainous region and ending in capital cities worldwide."

Corporal Brown said Britain could not "sit by" and do nothing: “Security in these mountainous border areas, which may seem distant and remote from home, will mean more security in Britain ”

Really? What exactly was the 'old' strategy? The recent Easter 'bomb plot' to blow up Britain has been exposed as bunkum. Wouldn't sending more troops to the new Vietnam just make things a tad worse? And you and who's army Mr Brown? The army serves the monarch. Parliament should decide major troop deployments, not an arrogant tin-pot dictator.

Obama's announcement to send 17,000 more US troops for the Afghanistan war as part of a Spring surge, raised a few eye-brows among US liberals and raised the vexed question here of how many more UK troops will be sent to their deaths.

War mongering Bush and his poodle Blair, will live with their legacy but would Brown come over all lovey-dovey for Obama's war? The answer was out of the Iraq frying pan and into the Afghanistan fire - with nearly a thousand troops to be sent for the Afghan August elections on top of the 8000 already there.

The reticence over troops numbers revealed a rift between the gung-ho MoD and its band of ministers and the foreign office and ministers who take a more sanguine approach, as Brown struggles to toe the Washington line.

The Orange Party makes no secret of it distaste for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the way the Blair government sucked up to the Bush regime, now followed by Obama's Brown poodle.

Sickened Labour stalwart, Alice Mahon who recently quit the party in disgust summed up the mood of many: "Brown has just announced plans to send another 900 troops to Afghanistan, billions to be spent on an unwinnable war and pensioners dare not turn on their heating because this Government will not tackle the energy fat cats.''

It seems McCavity Brown has done his usual trick of running away from problems on the domestic front. Meanwhile the mood at Westminster and in the country over the fantasy budget is turning decidedly cold and chilly. It's still unclear just how he's going to wriggle out of his much derided MPs' expenses non-solution. The Downing Street e-petition, calling for his resignation, is growing by the day.

UPDATE 5pm: Brown's jolly jaunt to Pakistan was dealt a blow after he was snubbed by the president and had to make do with the more junior prime minister. Stop laughing at the back.

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