Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brown Gives Us A Laugh At MPs' Expense

Never the parliamentarian, a deluded Brown has popped up in a YouTube-style video with plans for a major U-turn on MPs' expenses, neatly bypassing MPs and the commons and giving everyone a laugh.

In a blatant and disgraceful affront to parliamentary democracy, film-makers must have wet themselves as the Supreme Leader tried to turn into Mr Cool, all a-shakin' and a-movin', in one of the funniest video ever to come out of No10.

The desperate attempt to be the next big YouTube sensation saw a hapless chancellor Darling posting a message on YouTube yesterday, explaining why the budget will be all about preparing for his future.

Not to be outdone, Brown clearly had a have ago, with a video to try to wrong-foot Tories and LibDems, thinly disguised as a tightening of MPs expenses, with plans to replace the scandalous perk with a lump sum just for doing their job and turning up for work.

Fraser Nelson over at the Spectator has produced a handy 12-point guide to the comic moves on display and when the behind camera prompt cards tell a droning Brown to face piles of trials - with smiles.

Ministers and hangers-on had been breathing a sigh of relief as the rotting cancer of fiddled expenses and disgraceful Tory email smears gave way to the welcome respite of a week of well-leaked and well-spun budget hype, blissfully unaware that the scandals are in remission and the prognosis is still terminal.

But this whole charade stinks of hypocrisy. Brown's top ministers had already voted down a move to clean up and control MPs expenses and the prime minister didn't even turn up for the vote.

On top of that, the Kelly inquiry by the commons standards committee is already looking at a long-term solution to the shameful scandal not Brown's quick headline-grabbing short-term fix.

Over a decade of a reckless and irresponsible government in denial is set to be laid bare in tomorrow's Budget to nowhere, as the Laurel and Hardy comedy act are finally forced to come clean over the fine mess they've got us into.

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