Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smeargate II-Abandon Hope All Who Enter

Smearing Sunday has thrown up a two-pronged attack on Brown's tightly knit cabal of henchmen, as the spinners slide down the slippery slope of smears. Abandon hope all who enter.

A rotting carcass either eats away at itself from the inside or blows up and explodes. Both sickening spectacles are laid bare today in an attack by the Murdoch stable, as Brown's reservoir dogs plot to smear anyone and everyone who get in their way. 

A commons vote of no confidence could be getting closer, as shadow chancellor and one of the smear victims, George Osborne, says Brown must be "held to account" for the people around him. 

The News of the Screws turns on the screws with revelations that Labour Party boss, Ray Collins, was in on the plot to set up scurrilous website, Red Rag, at the centre of the sickening Smeargate campaign to smear top Tories. 

Meeting Brown's now defunct aide, Damian 'McPoison' McBride and ex-spin doctor, Derek 'Dolly' Draper, a month before vicious unfounded Tory sex smear emails mails were sent, the NoW now screams: New Smear Email Nails Labour Lies 

Was that before or after Brown and Dolly had a jolly lunch at Chequers? Maybe Guido, who blew the gaff on the whole sordid affair, could write a book about it. 

One thing's certain, McPoison was dripping everywhere with Brown's unofficial Mr Fix-It and former aide, Charlie Wheelan and government cyber minister, Tom Watson, firmly in the frame. 

Over at the Sunday Times in "an explosive new twist" it's revealed Brown's side-kick Ed Balls, stuck in a rut as schools, children, playgrounds and school dinners secretary, was up to his neck running a Downing Street smear unit, using disgraced spin doctor, McBride to stab in the back rivals as he plotted to have a stab at the premiership after the Supreme Leader's inevitable downfall. 

In a stark headline the Sunday Times tells it how it is: Ed Balls ‘Ran’ Labour’s Smear Unit with more on the ruthless band of brothers. 

According to a "mysterious" No 10 insider, Balls, "master of dark arts and dirty tricks", was the mastermind behind a “dark arts” operation. Blair boy spinners Mandleson and Campbell must be happy bunnies. 

The Orange Party has long fingered Balls who has a knack of hiding behind the smokescreen of 'accountability and responsibility' both over the Baby P scandal and the Sats fiasco, where his cover is set to be blown later this week. 

Smeargate is slowly unravelling, albeit slowly and for the sake of journalistic objectivity is should be pointed out that everyone denies, well, everything. 

What is clear is that Downing Street's spin that this was all just a 'prank between two blokes' has spectacularly backfired.

All roads lead to McCavity Brown, who of course didn't touch it, smell it, shake it or move it, while mercilessly ripping out his political rivals' throats, using his attack dogs to do the dirty work. 

With every twist and turn the disreputable band are being forced to crawl out of the woodwork with lame denials as the plot thickens, the rot sets in and the Blairites and Brownites tear each other apart.

The Smeargate fall out continued yesterday with long-standing true Labour stalwart, Alice Mahon, quitting the Party with a withering attack on Brown and New Labour saying she can no longer stomach how it operates and feels betrayed, citing the recent smearing scandal as the last straw which left her feeling "sickened''. 

Disgusted, fed up and betrayed, many card-carrying Party members are finally waking up to the mess the disreputable political elite of the New Labour brand have made of the country and their Party. 

As the Tories gain more ground in the polls on the back of Smeargate, the question now is can voters trust the Tories to turn off and turn around the rot? 

Peter Oborne, laying bare the media hype, spin doctors and skulduggery in the Observer isn't quite sure:

"But at this grim moment in our national life, Britain doesn't just need a change of personnel at the very top. We urgently need a new decency and morality in government and to get rid of the stinking and corrupt regime that has brought the idea of British democracy into such deep disrepute over the last few years."

The Orange Party feels it's time to unwind with a large Laphroaig and reread Oborne's 'Triumph Of The Political Class', now rushed out in paperback - followed by Dante's 'Divine Comedy'.

Picture: The inscription at the entrance to Hell from Dante's Divine Comedy

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