Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Evil MPs Do Will Live After Them

Government supporting MPs should be wrestling with their conscience as they are set to saddle the country with massive debt for years to come. Today's commons debate had to be prised out of the government after Monday's shambles of an election Budget exposed a shameful record of reckless borrowing and irresponsible spending. 

Today's PBR debate was a chance for MPs to see sense, do the right thing for the country or face a Shakespearean tragedy: "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."

As the smokescreen cleared, the message was loud and clear. The PBR showed up a decade of incompetence and mismanagement with more to come.

Labour MP, Frank Field, was in no doubt about the shambles of the pre-budget report and how it had been leaked and spun around, proclaiming: "The package therefore raised some fundamental questions about the Government’s competence in running a crisis economy."

A dire warning the economic crisis could drag on for a decade was delivered by one of the commons Captain Sensibles, the LibDems Vince Cable. He warned that tougher action is needed, though the Orange Party would beg to differ on his borrowing solutions. 

For the Tories, Cameron and his side-kick Osborne, are in no doubt this budget is a reckless gamble which is going to bankrupt the country. A borrowing binge and a tax bombshell.

Today Woolies and MFI went bust, while politicians wasted valuable commons time pratting around with a leaked treasury memo showing the government thought about a future increase in VAT. 

Left-wing Labour MP, Jon Cruddas, said it just left the Tories splashing around in the shallow end. 

Brown has his eye on votes, not the well-being of the economy. His deputy Lord Mandelson is behind every cunning political move. 

Today's debate on that Budget showed some MPs only bothered about clinging onto their seats, as they decided to take the country down with them.

On Monday, the government has very kindly condescended to a vote on the Christmas VAT election giveaway, to try to wrong-foot the Tories once again. 

Playing party politics with people's lives and livelihoods is not the way to run the economy or the country.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, and there's Frank Field being all honest and reasonable - it'll never catch on, quite the opposite in fact - the deceit automatons are massing. Double-or-quits McBoom in full "visionary" mode, everything must be done to enhance whatever meagre chance he has to cling onto power and subsequently lead us all (voluntarily, or otherwise) into his personal dream of a micro-managed utopia.

Trouble is, it's all bulls*it.

The reality is a spastic pantomime of creapy public relations rejects with no governmental competence and an entire party machine geared to conceil the consequences of its actions, nothing more. Any reckless, self-serving excess can, nay, must be employed in support of Gordo's colossally grandiose self image and the bright gleaming future of unmitigated failure he has in store. Restraint is excluded at all costs - consideration of past actions must be overwhelmed by a torrent of ever more short-sighted gimmicks, even to the point of taking the worst possible course of action - anything to create a distracting scene.

The clown has had more than a fair stab at demonstrating his abilities and, thus far, everything he has commissioned, established, reformed or sponsored has been reduced to it's constituent parts by nothing more abrasive that a stiff gaze and the passage of time. All guff and bluster, big talk that amounted to nothing (or less) because it was implemented by "their people" and their people are ugly-minded trolls.

By way of reference to Gordon "Fool's Gold" Brown's economic competence:

Wiki: Martingale (betting system)

"Of course, none of these practitioners in fact possessed infinite wealth, and the exponential growth of the bets would eventually bankrupt those who choose to use the Martingale".

When all is said and done, Brown is a rather sad and pathetic figure. A below par intelect, puffed up by institutionalised sycophancy (some, of his own invention).