Friday, November 28, 2008

United In Utter Condemnation

Politicians have united in utter condemnation of political police tactics over the arrest of a senior opposition MP, while government ministers stick their heads in the sand, denying all knowledge of this outrageous affair. 

The Orange Party made its views quite clear as the heavy-handed police tactics became clear last night. The shameful arrest of shadow immigration minister Damian Green makes a mockery of the liberal facade of this government and to suggest no government minister was consulted is ridiculous.

Today Brown is still in denial, telling Sky News: "I had no prior knowledge, the home secretary had no prior knowledge, I know of no other minister who had any prior knowledge ... I knew about it only after it had happened."

Yes prime minister but Conservative leader David Cameron was officially told in advance, so was the London Mayor and so too the House of Commons Speaker - but no government ministers? 

What's even worse is that this was all played out while parliament is in recess, so no awkward questions would be raised today in the House. 

The MP was arrested by anti-terrorism police over alleged home office leaks but eventually bailed not under anti-terror laws but under common law. 

That all allows No 10, the prime minister and home secretary to deny any knowledge of this shameful charade. And only denial, no hint of outrage or even condemnation.

Earlier today the Orange Party joined many who expressed outrage and believes Green is paying the political price of public interest. Faced with a serious challenge to its power and authority, the government has responded by using the police as a political tool and using the law against its elected members. 

Now the issue raises not only serious questions for MPs but also the part played by the Speaker, Michael Martin, and why police were allowed to search the MP's offices in the House of Commons.

The LibDems called the arrest a "mayday warning" for democracy, akin to a "tin-pot dictatorship", said leader Nick Clegg. Tory leader, David Cameron, called the police operation "alarming" and the government had questions to answer.

Former Labour minister Denis MacShane said: "To send a squad of counter terrorist officers to arrest an MP shows the growing police contempt for Parliament and democratic politics."

It is the views of respected Labour grandee, Tony Benn, which the Orange Party particularly takes to heart. 

Speaking on the BBC's World At One, Benn condemned the arrest saying: "It is a total breach of what accord the privileges of parliament and therefore, the electors.  His computers have been searched, his e-mail has been frozen."

Benn said that it was tantamount to a Contempt of Parliament.  "Once police can interfere in parliament, then we're into a police state."

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Anonymous said...

In a slightly perverse way, I say GOOD. This event is an object lesson for anyone who doubted the true nature of the New Labour political animal.

Pathetic "Fool's Gold" McBroon trying to pass off a patently fradulent and wholly implausible lie just rounds the farce off nicely.

It is a fact that Brown was notified in advance - well before opposition figures learned of the impending arrest (any other interpretation stretches reason beyond breaking).

Presumably, there was a point where Gordo knew of the arrest and actually thought it was a good enough idea to let it go ahead. The search of Green's Westminster offices could only take place with permission of the Sergeant at Arms (who answers to the Speaker).

Ah, Mr Martin, how fully he has come (through considerable effort on his own part) to symbolise all that is most base and repellent in comtemporary British politics.

A pompous, pretentious and vainglorious stooge to the fickle winds of self interest and anyone with the power to grant favours. Cheap, common and vulgar (but not in the easily dismissed sense attributed to those who are fortunate enough to have benefited from worthwhile education).

All while sporting an accent of such monsterously unbecoming vainglory as to impart physical disorientation in a listener.

He's got everything. A real Poster Child for the New Breed of New Labour. Corrupt, corrupting, incompetent, disingenuous, perfidious.