Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Brown Dribbles Drivel Over Pal Obama

The Chosen One had hardly been chosen before Brown eyed the chance for some last minute electioneering. He says they are best pals and everything in the garden is coming up roses. 

While all other politicians fell over themselves to send messages of congratulations to P-elect Obama,  Brown had to go that extra inch. 

According to his personal news organisation, the Brown Broadcasting Corporation, they are the best of pals. 

Brown said: "I know Barack Obama and we share many values."

And just in case you missed the electioneering spin:

"We both have determination to show that government can act to help people fairly through these difficult times facing the global economy."

And there was more. "Mr Brown, who held talks with Mr Obama in London during the summer, added: "The relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is vital to our prosperity and security."

Is that the same 'special relationship' that took us to war on a lie? It must have been while they were looking at the flowers in the No 10 garden.

Brown needs a dose of reality. Glenrothes is just around the corner. People in Scotland are not fooled by New Labour spin and hype and skewed opinion polls. 

Brown is no Obama - he's not skinny or good looking enough for a start. And Salmond is certainly no McCain. 

Everything may be rosy now in Brown's garden. Until Thursday. 

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