Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God Help America Now

America faces a disturbing and unsettled future after voters were taken in by the most powerful and expensive marketing machine in US history. Obama talked the talk. The media helped him sell a soap powder dream. But with false hope comes shattered dreams. 

The Orange Party was born out of the lunacy of Blair's New Labour Project but Obama quickly came on the radar.

Since the Main stream media was obviously not going to do anything about him, someone had to say something about the sham.

In the early days of June 2008, the first article was published, following a visit to friends in the US. That was a short, innocuous piece, “Is Obama Too Good To Be True?“, in which the Orange Party questioned a guy who seemed to be a product of a slick marketing machine and packaged up like soap powder. Another Tony Blair. 

"He talks the talk but his words and slogans can mean anything to anybody. Are we being manipulated? Is Obama just too good to be true? He's a PR composite. All things to all people. A figment of the ad man's imagination. The darling of the media elite."

Friends in the US from all backgrounds were enlisted and not a Republican among them. All would be happy to spit on Bush's grave. They gave the steer and the confidence to swim against the tide of increasing Obama adulation. 

At that time, issues of his funding, background, links with dodgy Chicago characters, ACORN and double speak, were all unknowns but well known by others. 

Something was wrong. About his rhetoric, the sycophancy of the media and its Faustian pact. It didn't smell right. 

It centred on the fact that selling Obama in this way was both meaningless and dangerous, when the US was facing so many complex problems at home and abroad. 

A guy who is so willing to sell empty slogans, had to be hiding something. And he was. What we know about Obama today is quite disturbing. 

Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, writing in NRO, summed it up in the days before polling. 

"In his heart and soul, Barack Obama was and remains a radical - stealthy, organizationally sophisticated, and when necessary tactically ruthless. The real Obama the man beyond the feel-good symbol is no mystery. He’s there for anyone willing to look. Sad to say, few are."

Here, former Times and Sunday Times editor and author of The American Century, Harold Evans, was scathing about the Obama media bias as he flagged up fair and reasonable concerns. 

"The US media have been captivated by Obama, at the expense of their curiosity and scepticism... All the mainstream national outlets were extraordinarily slow to check Obama's background."

From his questionable citizenship, through ACORN and his associations with Ayres, Wright, Khalidi and crook Tony Rezko, all have now been left up in the air in the hope they'll be quietly forgotten.

Even a casual look into his background, tells you that “hope” and “change” were never on his agenda. Like a slick snake-oil salesman, he was trying to be everything to everyone.

The mere fact that so many Americans have been taken in, all for the sake of an invented promise, a deluded dream and a misguided message of hope, sends mixed messages to the rest of the world.

Obama and McCain split nearly 50-50 on the popular vote (52%, 47% at the time of writing) but it was always going to be down to the State electoral colleges (349, 163). And that's where the Republicans took their eye off the ball, chasing instead the popular vote. 

The Obama victory today, shows that half American voters simply don't want to ask questions about the man who will be their president. 

It means that most Americans want to put a false hope in a nanny state, in which all is taken care for them by the magical Wizard of Oz. 

It means they are happy to destroy the US and the core principles of freedom and liberty. 

It means they have put their faith in a man who has deliberately whipped up the race card for selfish political advantage at home. And sent a confused and unstable message abroad. 

Choosing McCain, would have salvaged a few crumbs of dignity and tradition. Instead, Obama deals a death blow to America. 

Along the way the Orange Party has been inundated with visitors from the US and beyond and made many friends and many enemies. 

Now all the arguments against Obama are firmly in the public domain and out there, in past posts here and in the blogsphere. 

If the US still has a healthy soul in there somewhere, its citizens will now do the right thing and question, question, question, while they wait for the worm to turn.

God Bless America. And God help her now.


Anonymous said...

For a start there isn't any "god" to help America, or anywhere else.

Secondly, I did nbot realise that Barry Obama was also a writer.
Reading his acceptance speech, as published in the "Telegraph", I am reminded of another professional writer, who was also an orator, and gret British Prime Minister.
I was fortunate enough to hear his last public (as opposed to parliamentary) speech, in 1955.

I'm afris you are talking semi-religious codswallop.

What a pity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for helping this educate this American on Obama being a radical and a socialist who pals around with crooks and terrorists. The media is hiding all of this now but it will come out and America will go in the crapper if we don't see the light. Either Palin or Huckabee are the answer.