Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Real Folk Don't Give A Toss About Osborne

The big guns and a few peashooters are still lining up against Osborne as spinners and plumbers work overtime. But the man on a bus doesn't give a toss. He's struggling to make ends meet. Politics has been reduced to a silly little saga of the rich and powerful. This bickering has become a crashing bore. It's now gone with the wind.

After steadfastly ignoring the Mandleson connection, yesterday we had to sit through the sad spectacle of a biased BBC reporting the Osborne saga with such glee. By the 6 o'clock news, even business editor turned sleaze pundit, Robert Peston, was wheeled in for his two penneth. Hasn't he got anything better to do? There's a whole economic mess out there just waiting to leak.

It's been a great story for journalists and the Orange Party has been loving every minute of the twist and turns. Mandy has had his 'hello sailor moment'. Now we can let the matter rest, until the media dishes up more dirt on Mandy. 

Leave the last word for now to Peter Oborne writing in the Mail. Osborne was guilty of "crashingly poor judgement". But he's even less complementary about Mandleson!

So where were we before Ivor Loadsamoneyski came on the scene, Mandy threw a strop and it was handbags at dawn with bean-spiller Osborne?

Oh yes. Unemployment is at a record high. Inflation is at a record high. Government borrowing is at a record high. The Bank of England boss tells us what we already know - it's recession time, folks. 

So what is Borrowing Brown going to do about it, apart from making himself and all of us look rather foolish? And just what is that plan from the other man with another plan? Both have a chance to put their case at today's PMQs and Cameron is sure to pile on the pressure over 'boom and bust'.

As for Mandleson and the media spinners. Put them in a box and let them scratch each other's eyes out. Murdoch's gang can thunder away in the Times, Maguire can bring out his little peashooter in New Labour's sad Daily Mirror, the BBC can wet its knickers with a knocking Tory story. 

That's now gone with the wind and with the economy in tatters, frankly my dear, real people, in the real world, with real fears and anxieties don't give a damn.

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