Monday, October 20, 2008

Borrowing Brown Makes Us A Laughing Stock

Is there no end to the incompetence of this foolish government and the reckless way Brown thinks he can just borrow his way out of trouble? Borrowing Brown is living in a fool's paradise, making us all look like fools.

The country gasped as figures today revealed borrowing so far this financial year stands at an eye-watering £37.6 billion, the highest since records began in 1946.

Then the government was forced to go cap in hand to the US to start to repair the ravages of war and that took more than 50 years to pay it all back.

£37.6 billion and it's still only October. By the end of the financial year it's bound to top Cameron's predicted £64 billion.

While the government tries to wriggle out of the debt culture it created, the new mantra is for us all to save. But not of course for New Labour. 

Now is just the time when everyone looks to government for leadership and for help in the hard times. But a decade of waste, wars and ridiculous half-backed schemes have left the cupboard bare. 

How on earth can any sensible person justify leaving absolutely nothing in the kitty for a rainy day, let alone a so-called government. 

For Brown it is the same old tired phrase. It's the "right thing to do", the "right policy" during the current economic shambles.

Brown and New Labour know they are on the way out. So they borrow tens of billions to create another illusion and leave others to pick up the pieces. 

What words do you use for this outrage? Reckless, irresponsible, arrogant, fool-hardy, foolish. 

Brown and his gang of fools have made us the laughing stock of the world.

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