Thursday, September 25, 2008

ICO Rips Into Clegg's Cold Calls

Nick Clegg's cold call to thousands of annoyed punters, trying to get dinner ready and bath the kids, has received a frosty reception from the Information Commission, who has told them to 'ring off' or face prosecution.

The LibDems, who made 250,000 direct marketing calls last week, have been issued with an enforcement notice after complaints to the commissioner's office (ICO).

An automated 30 second voice message from Blair-boy Clegg huffing and puffing away was played during the early evening calls.

The ICO said: "After reviewing the phone script, the ICO concluded that the calls were made for the purpose of promoting the Liberal Democrats and therefore constituted direct marketing."

"Many people find unsolicited automated calls particularly intrusive and annoying so it is important that any organisation making such calls ensures that individuals have given their consent before they are targeted."

The SNP, was told off by ICO, after the LibDems complained about their use of unsolicited automated calls, using the voice of Sean Connery. Though it's thought many people welcomed the chance to hear Connery's dulcet tones.

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