Friday, September 26, 2008

Brown Comforts Bush In Bail-Out Breakdown

Bad-boy Bush is taking time out from digging himself out of his economic hole, later today, to pose with Brown for the Downing Street family album. Meanwhile, wife Sarah has already got her picture taken with the sisterhood.

Brown's aides must have called in a few favours yesterday, as it became clear no-one wanted to meet up with him, so they tried to fix up a hastily arranged photocall at the White House.

Bush is having to wriggle hard as it becomes clear the US economic meltdown was the result of years of him letting the fat cats in Wall Street trouser billions of dollars with few checks or balances.

Brown isn't even bothering to wriggle - instead he cut a lonely figure as he wandered aimlessly around the UN, talking about mosquito nets and "Millennium Development Goals". 

The Democrat-controlled Congress won't let Bush get away with it that easily and are stalling for time over the $700 billion bail-out deal to buy up the bank's 'toxic' bad debts. 

Instead they are insisting tax-payers cash doesn't go straight back into the pockets of the Wall Street executives, proper checks are in place and the cash will also be used to help out the thousands of people caught up in the sub-prime housing misery.

But no-one has stopped to ask just where did the figure of $700 billion come from? Apparently it was plucked out of thin air, because it's a really big number.

Apart from comforting each other over the economic mess they've both created, today's meeting with Bush will have another agenda. Bush could tell Brown just when he can pull troops out of Iraq and just how many more troops he's got to send to Afghanistan. 

Meanwhile wife Sarah is having a ball, having her picture taken with Sarah Palin and Wendi Deng Murdoch (Sarah B is the one on the left). What do these three fine looking gals have in common? They all have links to the Tony Blair fan club. 

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