Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cut Fuel Bills, Ditch Lily Livered Brown Gang

Immoral, obscene - two words you won't hear from the government to describe its disgusting lily-livered cop-out and the stranglehold of the big energy companies.

Four of the big six are foreign-owned and, as mentioned here, they are not in it for the customer, they are in it for big profits for shareholders and fat salaries for directors. 

It was Blair and Brown who allowed these companies to ride off into the sunset with few checks and controls and use clever accounting tricks to trouser the cash. 

Ministers were either suckers or in on the plan. Or all born under the star sign of Pluto. Their behaviour is a disgrace. 

Brown and the gang have the gall to suggest no "short-term gimmicks or giveaways", just more insulation. As one trade union leader put it, the insulation will be needed to line the coffins this winter.

What about the thousands of people worried sick about their huge heating bills? Worried sick about how they are going to get through the winter. 

Conservatives, LibDems, SNP, they can all shout from the rooftops - it will make no difference, until that general election. 

Reshuffling the government pack will just deal another dead hand. The side-show of a leadership challenge is just that - a pathetic diversion. Brown, Miliband whoever, whatever, the Blairite/Brown policies remain. The greed and selfish arrogance is set too deep.

Mealy-mouthed ministers have been rounded on by the unions. And there lies the key.

Change can come from the trade union movement. Money talks and the unions have a new, more powerful and influential voice. New Labour and the cronies need them for financial support. Hit them where it hurts, in the pockets and give them a taste of their own medicine.

The TUC conference starts next week, the Labour Party conference soon afterwards. It is time now for the New Labour parasites to be kicked out of office and take their big business pals with them. 

More than 100 Labour MPs have backed calls for a windfall tax. Tony Woodley, leader of the biggest trade union, Unite, branded ministers' climb down over winter fuel relief as a "downright disgrace":

"This is no longer about lagging the loft ... We need to legislate to cap these price rises from these greedy utilities ...  if we don't do that then we would have betrayed our people and betrayed our party."

If unions don't act, they could be the ones who could be accused of betrayal. 

Ridding the country, once and for all, of the damaging New Labour shambles will not hurt the Labour Party. Eventually it will rise from the ashes, reinvented and regenerated.

The True Labour/New Labour split in the TUC mirrors that in the Labour Party and among 'Labour' MPs. It's time to bury the naive pigeon holes of petty party politics and put people first. 

Ditch all the lily-livered New Labour ministers with a lethal injection of a large dose of reality. 

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