Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DT's O'Sullivan Right On With McCain

Fellow journalist, John O'Sullivan, writing in today's Telegraph deserves a mention in dispatches, for his analysis of the McCain campaign.  

O'Sullivan's piece takes top spot in the US Real Clear Politics review of today's campaign articles. 

He's one of the first UK Main stream media commentators to analyse the McCain campaign and chances of election success.

Sunday's Orange Party post, "McCain-it's all in the timing", urged readers to "put aside party politics, bury bias, study strategy and more importantly timing. That's the key to understanding how the US presidential election is being played out."

O'Sullivan has injected a similar dose of 'real clear politics' in the debate with the same approach in his article.

The Orange Party has tried to take a dispassionate look at the McCain campaign and pointed out that one of his strengths had yet to come out - his life story. 

O'Sullivan too takes up this thread in the article "The party's just starting for McCain" and points out, "McCain's biography is his real qualification for the presidency to many voters. His appeal is not policy but personality."

Both lead to a similar conclusion.

The Orange Party: "Obama's hope now, perhaps, lies not with the voters - it lies where it always did, with the Main Stream media. Keeping the Main Stream media ... on side, has always been at the heart of the Obama strategy."

O'Sullivan is more circumspect: "No one can sensibly predict who will win. But we can say that MCain won't lose. Obama will have to find some way of defeating him." 

O'Sullivan is a former special adviser to Thatcher, associate editor of The Times, assistant editor of the Daily Telegraph, and editor of Policy Review.

The Orange Party is neither a right wing, left wing or any naive pigeon-hole wing journalist  but on this issue is right behind O'Sullivan.

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