Sunday, August 10, 2008

Obama's 'Fake' Birth Certificate

WASHINGTON - The US Federal Elections Commission (FEC) is being urged to check out presidential hopeful, Barack Obama's birth certificate as rumours circulate over its authenticity. The move, in an online petition to the Commission, is the latest in a string of allegations circulating in the US blogsphere, which call into question Sn. Obama's eligibility to run for President.

A tale of dark and dirty deeds in US politics. An ambitious Illinois senator and his slick Chicago marketing machine set on the Big Prize - President of the United States.

Deals were struck over fundraising. A Faustian pact made with the Main stream media (MSM). The Chosen One's star started to shine.

But is Obama hiding a dark secret?

Enter the bloggers TexasDarlin, IsraelInsider and a forensic expert, Techdude.

Under pressure from US bloggers, Obama's official campaign was forced to post a copy of his birth certificate on the internet. And according to the bloggers, that internet copy was a fake. The original paper copy of Obama's birth certificate seems to have gone missing.

The petition, here, calls on the US Commission to:

"take responsibility to verify the eligibility of Mr. Barack H. Obama to be President of the United States. Mr. Obama has refused to produce a physical certified, stamped copy of his birth certificate. An electronically-displayed image displayed by his official campaign website has been alleged to be a forgery ... and if he does not produce the authorization that the FEC reject his registration as a presidential candidate."

But why would there be a forged birth certificate anyway? Suggestions that it may show a muslim religion don't stack up - why should religion at birth be such a big issue?

No, this is about eligibility. The US president has to be born, or his parents born, in the US. A natural-born citizen.

Obama, so the story goes, was born Hawaii. But there's speculation he was born outside the US, in Indonesia (or Kenya). If his official birth certificate shows a different name at birth, or he or his parents weren't born in the US, that blows his chances of the presidency.

The allegations centre on whether a copy of a birth certificate from his younger half-sister, Maya Kassandra Soetoro, was doctored for Barack Obama and posted by his campaign team on the web. Mayo, it's claimed, although not born in Hawaii, apparently does have a Certificate of Live Birth registered in the State.

A crack-pot conspiracy theory, smears and lies and dirty tricks? Truth or fiction?

Obama is still a 'presumptive, presumptuous candidate' and the official nomination isn't made until the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in two weeks time.

By coincidence, Obama is currently on holiday in Hawaii. No doubt there will be photo opportunities and homespun stories for the folks back home.

UPDATE Aug 25 2008: A US court has been asked to stop Obama's bid for president and nomination. The lawsuit has been filed by a Democrat lawyer and Clinton supporter against Obama, the DNC and FEC.

UPDATE Oct 28 2008: Nine state lawsuits have now been filed across the US challenging Obama's citizenship and eligibility to run for president.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans do not want this story to get out before Denver. That much is obvious from Republican blogging patterns.

Anonymous said...

Your quote from Peter Osborne above is almost visionary. I don't know when he wrote it, but it's happening now. It is so sad to see United States media so tightly controlled across the board. If you can't hear the truth in America, where can you hear it? The blogosphere and AM radio are the only sources left for open discourse here in the U.S. at this time.

Anonymous said...


Twilight said...

Good job! This needed to be spread abroad.

I've been following Texas Darlin's blog closely. I think that some of the stuff uncovered might prove to be red herrings, but I'm convinced there's truth among it too. The dual-nationality question is the most likely one to "have legs" ( to his adoption by an Indonesian national which gave him indonesian citizenship).

It's a tangled web. Interesting times!

Anonymous said...

Obama's mother's original Social Security Number Application'sssapplication.html

Twilight said...

Texas Darlin's blog has been attacked. Can't get in at all even with a Wordpress username and password. Hack job, I suppose.

cwylie said...

It seems that Texas Darlin's blog may have been closed down by him as is stated on the home page of his blog under this link:

I believe the 'truth will out'. I just hope it does before the election. The American people are sure being duped by this man and the people who are orchestrating this sham.