Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clinton's Name Goes In Hat For Democrats

The race for the White House has taken a new twist, with Clinton confirming her name will be placed in the nomination at the DNC, later this month, which could force a roll-call vote of the delegates. Clinton has been playing her cards close to her chest but now she could be set to rain on Obama's parade at the Democrat National Convention (DNC) in downtown Denver.  

The official announcement ends weeks of speculation over Clinton's position, since she was careful to only suspended her campaign following the US Primaries.

At the beginning of the month, the Orange Party asked if Clinton was still in the race.

That followed increasing doubts over Obama, when his star started to fade and he was described as a "presumptuous, presumptive" senator, following his European 'Audacity of Hope' tour. 

Since then, Obama has failed to make in-roads in the opinion polls. Questions have been raised publicly over his fund-raising and links with dodgy Chicago politicians. And there's increasing internet speculation over his eligibility for the presidency and his Birth Certificate.

In a YouTube video of a California fund-raising event, posted here, Clinton did not rule out having her name put in the nomination and a roll-call vote. And husband Bill was decidedly lukewarm when asked about his support for Obama.

Clinton picked up about 18 million votes and nearly 1,900 delegates in her primary battle against Obama, who got more than 2,250 delegates. 

But Clinton supporters want to force a roll-call vote to show the extent of support for the New York senator and are also planning rallies at the DNC in Denver, along with TV and press adverts, to express their frustration with the Party’s presidential primaries.

The Obama campaign was quick to spin Clinton's move, saying it will "unify" the Democrats, as well as "honour" Clinton. But that didn't cut the ice with anyone.

Hillary is expected to address the convention on August 26, while husband Bill is due to speak the following night.

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