Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Sells Soap Powder Dream In Denver

The greatest sham on earth hits town this week. 45 years to the day since Martin Luther King gave hope to the world, Obama will try to sell his soap powder dream, at the Democrat convention in Denver - all perfectly stage managed, to be played out in Obamarama on prime-time TV and newspaper pictures, with Obamaoverload in the US and here in the UK.

It won't be Obama who first takes the spotlight. That will be Chicago lawyer wife and mom, Michelle, who will begin the 'dream theme' of the four-day Obamafest

With Obama's background causing a bit of confusion among voters and delegates, it will be left to Michelle to kick off proceedings and hit the race issue head on. 

As a true black American, Michelle speaks with a heartfelt and sincere voice - and can hook into Obama's central theme of the 'dream' - and place civil rights leader Martin Luther King, early in people's minds. 

Obama, will pick that up later, during his 'acceptance' speech, perfectly timed for the 45th anniversary of King's "I have a dream" speech of August 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

For four days and nights they'll be wheeled on stage and on screen. A film featuring Obama in all-American scenes, family members telling his American story, Obama's side-kick Joe Biden, old party hands like Edward Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton and powerful House of Representatives speaker, Nancy Pelosi. 

Along with walk-on appearances by 'ordinary' Americans and a sprinkling of 'celebrity stars'. 

And there will be no plain convention hall with a stuffy old lectern for Obama Superstar. He'll be outside in front of the assembled multitude, in the Invesco Field stadium, before a cheering throng of thousands.

It won't be all plain sailing for the Chosen One. Behind the scenes is Hillary Clinton. 

A growing and increasingly vocal band of Clinton supporters and delegates have gathered at Denver. 

There's the thorny issue of Clinton's name on the roll-call vote for nomination and whether she'll release her delegates to Obama. And a US lawsuit filed by a Clinton supporter, designed to halt Obama's bid for the presidency and nomination. 

Meanwhile, McCain TV ads and YouTube postings, are showing up Obama's 'cult of personality' and question his choice of windbag running-mate, Biden, over Clinton.

US voters want two basic things from their president - a firm hand on global Islamic terrorism and a steady and responsible hand on the economy. 

Selling a dream, packaged up like soap powder, is not the way to win them over.

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