Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin Reality Or Obama Illusion?

Today, it was all McCain, and his new running mate, Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin, the first woman to appear on a presidential ticket in 24 years. McCain's pick of the 44 year-old, is a direct challenge to Obama and his old-timer, Joe Biden, to face down Obama's grand illusions. 

As noted by the Orange Party here yesterday, part of the McCain strategy is to attack the myth of Obama.

Robert Tracinski, of TIADaily, writing in Real Clear Politics, believes Obama offers a "beautiful packaged lie":

"But there is a way to defeat Obama. His whole campaign is a beautifully presented illusion, and the way to defeat it is to keep hammering on the difference between illusion and reality. Because the more grandiose the illusion, the more thoroughly it will be rejected when it is revealed as a lie."

With Palin, McCain has injected a large does of reality into the race for the White House.

Republicans, quoted on the US political web-site, Politico, describe Palin variously as:

"She's down to earth, a hunter and a fisherman, really connects with the people of Alaska. She's really the new face of the Party." ... "She's a strong, pro-life, supply side, drill-drill-drill ethics reformer."

Palin, a self-styled "hockey mom", has been the governor of the State of Alaska for less than two years but her lack of Washington experience more than matches that of Illinois senator, Obama.

She's also got something else going for her, which will appeal to voters - she's a working mum with five children. A point not lost on Fox News analyst, Kirsten Powers, writing in the New York Postwho reckons McCain has set a "brilliant trap" for the Democrats.

Three years younger than Obama, Palin was an unexpected choice. But the reality is, she could attract Clinton supporters and cross-over delegates who feel let down and bitter after Obama snatched the nomination from her.

Regarded as a social conservative and reformer, Palin is the first woman to appear on a presidential ticket since Walter Mondale picked Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate 24 years ago. 

And, her strong pro-life stance will chime with the reality of a huge US anti-abortion lobby. 

While the Democrat convention was running, polls didn't show the expected 'Biden bounce', that should have given Obama quite a few points lead. Instead it was McCain who edged ahead. 

The tracking poll jury is still out on Obama's convention performance and the McCain veep choice.

Obama's anointment at the 'Temple of Obama' is yesterday's news. As the Washington Post put it - more pageantry than politics.

Events move fast in US presidential elections. McCain now has a woman, youth and reality on his side.

Weather permitting, next week should see the start of the Republican GOP convention (the Grand Old Party). The Obama-Biden ticket has some catching up to do.

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