Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cherie The TV Pundit

What next for Cherie Blair? After her book and a commons committee appearance, is it time for a spot on 'Loose Women' followed by her own TV series?

Cherie Blair appeared before a minor commons committee, knowing full well that she would be in the spotlight and whatever she said, her remarks would be made in the full glare of the media.

Sure enough, she was given huge prominence by BBC News and in today's The Independent newspaper.

The barrister was giving 'evidence', apparently, to the home affairs select committee, as a member of Channel 4 TV's Street Weapons Commission, which is investigating gun and knife crime.

She said the government's (that's her husband's former government's) crime statistics hid the true extent of gun and knife crime among young people.

Was she blaming her husband, Tony, who famously promised in his 1997 New Labour pre-election pledge to 'get tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'? And for the next ten years introduced policies, laws, narratives and agendas which just made the problem worse.

Or was she blaming New Labour's much-favoured and totally meaningless British Crime Survey (BCS), a skewed and very limited survey which excludes youngsters, which for years has been trotted out by the government to falsly justify their claim that they are cracking down on crime.

Or was she having a dig at Brown for sitting on his hands for the past year and doing nothing about the problem? 

Maybe she just wants to join her husband in his mission to save the world?

Or maybe, she's just the frustrated wife of a former prime minister who wants to fulfil her lifelong ambition to get into politics.

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