Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blair's On A Mission From Murdoch

Eco-Blair has popped up in his pal Murdoch's Sunday Times - this time trying to do an Al Gore on global warming. Apparently he's "leading the Breaking the Climate Deadlock initiative to promote a new global deal on climate change." What a mouthful. Plotting the New World Order would be much simpler. 

So that's what Blair was up to, sucking up to Murdoch and Bush for their breakfast meeting in London the other week. Plotting to take over the world!

If you want to bring together world religions - who ya gonna call?
If you want peace in the Middle East - who ya gonna call?
If you want to save the planet from global warming - who ya gonna call?

Look Tony, if we may call you that, you've got the new EU presidency sewn up, so there's no need for silly little puffs in your pal's newspaper. 

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