Sunday, June 29, 2008

Benn Delivers A Masterclass in Politics

Tony Benn's article in today's Daily Telegraph, supporting David Davis's stand on civil liberties, is a masterclass in political thought. In one fell swoop, this senior Labour parliamentarian manages to show how you can transcend social class and party politics for the rights of the individual in an oppressive state. 

Benn's views, on the erosion of civil liberties and the undemocratic EU Treaty/Constitution, will strike a chord with many on the left and right of politics. 

Benn concludes: "I believe that Mr Davis's stand may do something to restore public confidence in politics and politicians."

You may not agree with all his views, but this is the refreshing voice of a highly regarded and respected real politician, not the empty shallow NewLabourSpeak we have had to put up with for the last ten years.

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